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wat do i do about a mole problem?

well i have moles on my face and on my neck. i have them on my back and stomach too but nobody can see those ones. so my problem is that people make fun of me for having them. i try to cover them up but everyone seems to notice when i do. my sister and i go to the same middle school and she always tells everyone that i try to hide them. its really embarassing to me and i dont know if my mom will let me get them taken off or not. i've brought up the subject to her once or twice but i dont think that i can have them removed. plz help me out. i would really like some good advice.

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    I heard of Burnett people gets mole. I have them on my face and my neck also. I went to a Dr and she put some kinda of liquid on my neck and the fell of in 3 weeks and they cam back. I had 16 big moles on the back and a mole Dr gave me 16 needles one in each mole and he scared my back. The only way to get ride of the moles on the neck its the liquid stuff i don't no the name of i just no its will sting and leave a pink spot. I was asking my Dr if she can get ride of some on my face but she said if the liquid goes in the eyes, i will be blind . ever body gets moles, skin tags you are not a lone. :)

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    my parents never took me to get mine removed, and i had to wait till i had a job. As soon as i had the money, i got them taken off. I hate those things.

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