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Do you think we should be giving DRUG and Alcohol tests to welfare recipients?

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    If someone is going to rely on the government for their existence then they should be required to answer to their government. This is true for politicians or those on welfare. If someone on welfare can afford drugs why can they not afford to buy their own food? It has been asked how could we ever afford it? Our tax dollars already pay for their food, rent, and health care. The health care that treats them if they overdose or are injured due to a drug deal gone wrong. I am not against welfare, I just think that those who are capable of making it on their own should and if they are motivated enough to buy drugs they should get motivated to get off of them and get a job.

  • 4 years ago

    There are too many liberal commies out there who believe it's the rich who need to pay. This is their way of punishing hard working Americans who are success full. Once the money has been stolen from the rich, they use it to buy other liberal commies with their lies of doing what is good for the poor. We all know what is good for the poor. An education and a job is what everyone needs. Ask yourself how many times you have heard tax cuts for the rich. Over and over. What they don't want to tell you is the latest IRS numbers for 2006. The bottom 50% of tax payers pay 3% of all taxes. This is lower than every President the past 100 years. Then there is the un employment. Again lowest for the past 100 years. The liberals need poor un educated, drug using welfare paid voters else they would never win another election. The next thing they will try is some kind of a lotto to get votes. Offer up $1,000,000 for some lucky voter. All you have to do is vote. You can be homeless, on drugs and barely able to read as long as you vote. If that doesn't work, lets try to get convicted criminals voting. We have over 1% of all Americans in jail. They all need to vote. Why stop there. There are millions in Mexico who would just love to come to America. Why build a fence when there are millions of new liberal commie voters. Sorry for my long drawn out explanation but it's all about votes.

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    I don't think we should even have welfare, much less bother giving it's recipients drug and alcohol tests. I think we should stop paying such people to be lazy and not work while they drink all day. Stop calling them "welfare recipients" and call them what they are -- BUMS.

    If we do test them, we'll end up paying MILLIONS of dollars to test, treat and rehabilitate them. Like the war on poverty it will be a miserable failure and if a single welfare recipient does happen to quit drugs or alcohol while participating in the program it will be sheer coincidence.

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    I actually think this would be a wonderful idea...

    I had to take a drug test to go to work, to pay taxes, to give to welfare recipients....

    Why should they not have to take a test to receive it?

    Uh, TG ( or whatever) what the heck makes you think all of the people you mentioned are not already being drug tested...I can tell you they are!!

    Source(s): Certified Drug Tech
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  • 1 decade ago

    Welfare recipients should not get a cash benefit, they should not be able to buy cigarettes or alcohol from their food vouchers, they should be subject to drug testing, they should be limited in duration as to how long they can receive benefits (unless they are severely handicap in some way) - I would submit that 12 months at any one time should be sufficient and cap of 24 months for your lifetime, and people on welfare should be forced to work if they are capable of working.

    So, in this scenario if you lost your job you could go on welfare and collect some benefit to get back on your feet but you would be forced to take any job that is available to help off-set any needs you have that welfare will not cover. This could mean you lose your big buck airline pilot job and have to go to work at SuperAmerica or cleaning toilets.

    A job is a job and everyone should be working if they are capable of it.

    We do need to overhaul our current welfare system. Some states are doing it on their own but others are not.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Some communities already do. When there is a problem the welfare recipient is referred to a specialist for help.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No.We should be giving them to congress.And to law enforcement. The last thing we need is high or drunk cops stumbling around. Or any more hippie politicians making moronic decisions. And get every illegal out of my country before you even think about asking this silly question. And even then I'll tell you we need to drug test rich people. Especially Hollywood. They are a danger to the general public. Oh and also any member of the Kennedy family. They put us all at risk.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't see any justification for singling them out. If it's because they receive government support, then we should also be testing allgovernment employees, all soldiers, everyone who works for a contractor who does work for the government, everyone who works or attneds school at an institution that receives government funding, and heck, might as well test everybody.

    Personally, I still think we need to support the right to privacy over the government's ever-increasing "right to know."

  • 1 decade ago

    If there is a history of drug or alcohol abuse, then yes. Our hard earned tax dollars should not go to supporting their addictions.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think they should, maybe just maybe, it would inspire some people to clean up and try to live a better life, and it really shouldnt offend anyone who recieves welfare and doesnt do drugs because if you have nothing to hide, you dont have to try and hide it. and maybe people who do have additions would be able to get the help they need to try and fight them

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