Garmin c330 has old maps. Should they have told customers?

I just got a Garmin c330 as a gift. Apparently, Garmin recently updated all their map information.

But not on the c330. Why not? The memory is too small to accomodate the changes.

Do you think Garmin has a responsibility to tell customers that the maps won't be updated on this specific unit?

Garmin says that the c330 isn't being discontinued, but who would knowingly buy a c330 with old maps when a c340 has the new ones? I assume that the c330 is on its way out, and Garmin didn't want to have a ton of inventory.

Maybe they should send upgrade coupons to new/recent c330 buyers that want to return the unit and get a c340 for $50. I'd return mine in a heartbeat.

If you have a c330 and want the updated map info, you can get it on DVD, but it makes you choose between (1) the lower 48 and (2) Canada and the border states. You can go back-and-forth, but it's inconvenient if you live outside a border state and don't want to carry a laptop on vacation to Canada.

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  • Shel
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    1 decade ago
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    I'd definitely complain and try and return it. They should have let you know that it wasn't able to be updated completely.


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  • 4 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    This is common practice among GPS receiver manufacturers. New maps come out each year, and if you want them you have to pay for them.

    Garmin is known for good customer service (though it's gone downhill a little recently), so you should try phoning them. They have a good record of trying to make things right for the customer.

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