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Ordering Prescription Eyeglasses online.?

I am looking for retro eyeglasses that I can order online. The type I am looking for is the Buddy Holly/Drew Carey-type. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    I do not really frequent online frame order companies so I am not much help here, but beware of ordering frames online, I have heard that you can not try them on and do not know exactly how they will fit, and you might be stuck not being able to return them! Check with their return policies! Most offices have the plastic, black, horn rimmed glasses you are looking for in abundance. Do you hve access to a place that has a lot of frames to look at?

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    You can look for frames on line, but don't order them with presciption lenses. That is something you need a licensed optician or optometrist for. But becareful getting frames online, you may find that the optical lab can't use them (for a variety of reasons). and then you are stuck with them. Also you won't get a proper size and fit ,so my recommendation would be to go to an optical retailer. This way you are dealing with trained qualified professionals who will not only find what you are looking for (or close), but will also give you the proper fitting adjustments and a warranty.

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    I wouldn't try it. You need to see an optomertrist to see what kind of vision you have for one. And if you need bifocal or trifocals with a straight top or no lines there are certain measurments that need to be taken while your glasses are on if you need either one of these. All lenses come in different shapes and sizes so you probably wouldn't get the best "fit" for your vision. Sounds like it would be a waste of money and time. If you end up having problems seeing with your lenses are you guaranteed to get your money back or get a remake done. Wouldn't it be easier for you to walk into the doctors office and tell them what was wrong with your glasses and have them investigate the problem first hand instead of dealing with people on the internet that you don't even know????

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