How do you capture video on to your computer from your T.V.?

Basically I'm looking for details in SPECIFIC equipment and SETUP in achieving this goal: I want to be able to play my Xbox 360 on my 42' plasma T.V. in high definition (component in) while capturing it on my PC in whatever quality it long as i can still play in high definition.

The only equipment i have is my xbox 360 ,a PC, plasma screen with all kinds of inputs and outputs. keep in mind i want to play in HD and capture in whatever quality possible.

I need details with capture cards, wires and whatever i can get a hold on...I've been researching how to do this forever, thanks in advance to everyones help :)

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    Your best bet is to go to Best Buy. They would be very helpful with something like this.

    If your computer has a "video-in" and your TV has a "video out" you should have now problem hooking it up to a computer.

    If you have a older computer or never got a computer with a "video in tuner" then you should be able to buy one at Best Buy, Radio Shack, Circuit City, etc. Best Buy probably has the best deals.

    Once you find out what you generally need you could do a search on eBay to find some cheap software/hardware for you computer.

    See the links below for what you might have to buy if your computer isn't already compatible.

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    Make sure the output of the xbox is not copy protected using Macrovision. In that case, you can't record it.

    So, try it first on a VCR. If that works, just buy any video capture card, or you can try usb-based video capture devices (see ADS Technology or Dazzle or Pinnacle). This assumes the Xbox can output dual streams - one via composite for the recorder and one in High-def (VGA, component or HDMI).

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    4 years ago

    i take advantage of a DVD recorder. Then when I Finalize the recording i'm able to load them into the laptop via potential of the DVDchronic. Works merely fantastic. (Finalizing operation is the alternative interior the DVD recorder.)

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