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Alaskan Malamute?

I always wanted a purebred Alaskan Malamute but I don't where to get one. I also heard that you can get a DNA test to see if it's a purebred or not can someone help me?

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    The Alaskan Malamute Club of America website will tell you both the *good* and *bad* points about the breed, as well as where to find one:

    Breed Info:


    The only way to know for sure that you are getting a purebred, *well bred* Malamute is to buy one from a responsible breeder. The breeders in the list above are a good start.

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    DNA test will not tell you if its a purebred or not.

    There is some type of test that can test to see what breeds are in a dog, but they do not have all the breeds "mapped out" yet.. they can tell you if the dog has malamute in it or not, but it cant say for sure if its purebred. The test also isnt very accurate.

    Sometimes, all you have to go by is appearance. If it "looks" purebred, and also has the typical temperment of the breed, more than likely, its a purebred. Try to look for Mals. for adoption.

    If you want to find a breeder, go to and look for the breed club to get a referral to a breeder.

  • Go to & click on the Alaskan MAlamute...there is will tell you all about the breed & also you can find lists of reputable breeders in your area...if you go through a reputable breeder then you will know it is a purebred & you will have papers to prove this to you.....and like the answer above me says NO you cant tell through any tests available as of yet if your dog is a purebred.....PLEASE research this breed they arent for of luck♥

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    I agree with the others .Make sure you find a good breeder.An Fae is right do tons of research on that breed.I have an Alaskan husky and they just aren't like any other dog.Sled dogs or worker dogs require alot of exercise or they become bored and destructive.An they also require alot of maintenance.Dog hair everywhere because they shed every time the seasons change and I'm not talking a little .I m talking hand fulls of fur.Most of all you must remember these types of dogs are pack animals if you do not show yourself as the dominant figure your dog will never respect you. Good luck to you if you decide on one.they are awesome dogs!

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