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in pain: neck ach?! PLEZZZ HELP!!?

i have this Horrible knot in my neck, the back right side. it started out as a marble, then a golfball, now bigger but not quite softball sized. I have had it all summer. i have tried massaging it myself, others(not prof.) icey-hot, hot press, cold press, it hurts sooo bad, sometimes i can't even move my neck. the pain comes and goes, but is mostly in morning and evening. also pain in upper right sholderblade area. could this be some kind of tumor?

~I am fit, i don't d drugs, im 18 yrs old, i have diabetes.


Oh my gosh, im scared crapless now! is it really probably?!!! how long did ur aunt have? How old was she? i have my whole life to live!!

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    It sounds like you've got a hemorage in your brain stem. Do you ever forget things, or forget where you've put things down? Brain stem problems are common in people with diabetes. Unfortunately there is no cure for this. You are looking at a long road of gradual memory loss, please start saying goodbye to your friends in family now, and treasure the final moments you have.

    Source(s): Aunt died of brain stem hemoraging.
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    At 18 yrs old you should know enough to consult your doctor for this problem. It may be something simple or serious, but find out before it gets worse. Not knowing is the worst thing of all.

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    Sounds like a serious hemorage, and if you have diabetes, you could very well have it. I advise you to get treatment asap, and let the doctors know you are diabetic, and of course, I am sure you will. I hope you are not feeling absent minded lately? If you are, head to the doctor right this minute, please.

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