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    1. A perfect combination of state-of-the-art biotechnology and natrual plant extracts. Laevorotary Vitamin C delivers wonderful effects of whitening, in-depth detoxification, lightening of dark spots and nourishment for the skin in general, leaving the skin radiant and transparent.

    2. An amazing achievement of modern biotechology, the product works wonderfully not only in reducing fine lines, but even on mature skin in restoring its natural elasticity, reducing deep wrinkles and fighting signs of aging, leaving you with fine and younger looking skin.

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    1.Researched and developed with most advanced biotechnology, the purely natural plant was extracted, fasten vitamin C on Left deviation, can strengthen tender white gentle Xi , deep purification , not desalinize evenly the complexion , offer omni-directional maintenance, enrich bright gloss of skin with the transparent sense .

    2.Biotechnology was researched and developed , can smooth the wrinkle , not merely improve the detailed line of top layer ; Can also improve the deep wrinkle to make the skin rebuild the elasticity , and cause the skin closely , reduce the skin age , avoid and improve the aging question of skin , resume natural elasticity , the careful skin quality appears.

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