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? asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

will和be going to的差別

文法寶典p.334裡有說到be going to不能表單純未來之義


I am going to be twenty next year.............(誤)

可是我再另一本字典裡查到了be going to用在單純未來裡的例句:

She is going to be seventeen in May.(建弘多功能英漢辭典p.643右下角)





Update 2:


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  • 威威
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    1 decade ago
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    1. 基本上will和be going to都是用在未來式,


    2. 預測的狀況will 和going to 都可以用,

    但是最大的差別在於be going to是"預先計畫好的",

    是人們的意志能控制的 , 所以常翻譯成 " 打算 ... "

    而 will 往往是非計畫中將進行的事

    例如 :

    I will do it.我會去做。(事先沒打算)

    I am going to do it.我要去做。(事先就預定好要去做)

    所以 :

    I am going to be twenty next year.

    ---> 是不好的寫法 , 年齡並非計畫中的事 !

    寫成 : I will be twenty next year . 較佳 !

    2007-09-19 21:02:01 補充:

    再補充一些 be going to與will的區別 :

    1. be going to 表示近期就要發生的事情,will 表示的未來時間較遠

    He is going to write a letter tonight.

    He will write a book one day.

    2007-09-19 21:02:19 補充:

    2. be going to 較主觀,will比較客觀表示將發生之事。

    The dog is seriously ill. It is going to die.

    It will be a fine day tomorrow .

    3. be going to 有計畫性,而 will 没有 。

    She is going to lend us her book.

    He will be here in half an hour.

    4.從屬子句用 will , 不用 be going to

    If Tom comes tomorrow , I will tell him the story .

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