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    I am major in tourism management. My family consists of five members. I am the second child in the family. I am extroversive, independent, self-control, and loved to make friends. My favorites are singing, dancing, traveling, cooking, and enjoying the wonderful meals. My excellences are responsible and trying to be perfect. My short coming is that I am not good at rejecting other and sometimes it brings me a lot of troubles. I experienced being a sell clerk who sells shoes and clothes and i also experienced being a waiter(男用)waitress(女用). That's end of my self introduction. Thank you.

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    I major at tourism and recreation management.

    There are five people in my family. I am the second one.

    I am enthusiastic, independent, Static and dynamic.

    Also like to make friends.

    My habits are singing, danceing, enjoying cate, cooking and traveling.

    Responsible and asked ideal are my advantages.

    My disadvantages are not good at refuseing,

    sometime it brings me a lot of trouble.

    I have experiences about selling clothes and being a waiter.

    This is my introduction. Thank you.

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