What are some good bearings and wheels for crusing down the streets on skateboard?

I skate a lot but I don't do tricks. I just like to ride it down the streets. I need some help on what wheels are good on bumpy roads, roads with cracks, etc. Whenever I go skating, I would almost literally fall foward when going through big cracks on sidewalks at high speeds. Also I want to know what bearings are the best.

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    remember the biggier the wheel is the better for bombing hills that way you dont get caught in cracks or by small rocks get a wheel size over 60 and you should be good and good wheels i like are darkstar autobahn or ricta and hubba wheels are good too...Bearings i like are black panthers the new tensor bearings are great anything abec 5 or higher is a good bearing..

  • 3 years ago

    a lot of solutions yet none that talks approximately your question. the two than be the reason. larger pitched damn or whirring sounds from the bearings spinning and decrease pitched sounds from the wheels on the floor. in the experience that your vehicles are loose, they'd additionally enable some damn sounds. For the wheel noise, approximately all you're able to do is circulate to softer wheels. counting on how the maker chosen to cause them to softer, they'd placed on quicker or be slower. this might shrink the noise by using fact the wheels hit the block edges yet no longer something will do away with it thoroughly. For the bearings, the making use of a grease would be very quiet and intensely sluggish. I even have used CRC brake caliper slide grease (from an autoparts keep) and located that that is much less sluggish than different greases and likewise very water-resistant (in case you ever are out on moist pavement). Oil will roll quicker however the lighter you circulate, the greater noise you get. to maintain them quiet with oil, you will choose some thing on the point of motor oil and you will would desire to function some drops greater in many circumstances. ineffective silence is particularly cool yet a lifelike volume we could people hear you coming. It lowers the quantity of warnings you would be able to desire to call out. Many walkers will circulate to one factor while they hear somebody comming.

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    You need big wheels like 58mm or more. get darkstar becuase they have the best resistence to flat spots on the wheels, so your wheel wont end up looking like a box. best bearing u shold get are Lucky Swiss or Bones Swiss they go the fastest and last the longest out of all bearings.

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    its not about the bearings its about the wheels softer wheels will give you a smoother ride but will rip apart easily harder wheels will be a bit rougher on cracks and bumps but will hold out longer.

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    1 decade ago

    I would get a longboard for just cruising.

    Bones Super Swiss are very good bearings. Zero makes good wheels in my opinoin.

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    you should get black phanters and speed demons. They last you a long time and they are really fast. they are a bit expensive though. you should get thicker wheels they dont get stuck in the cracks

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