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Police Corruption?

Do you believe police corruption is a significant problem?

Why or why not?

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    As a cop I think any corruption is significant, but it is proportionally a very small number of officers. As with any

    entity composed of human beings, there will always be some that are corrupt. As police become better educated and trained, I think the proportion shrinks even further, and none of the officers I know will tolerate it.

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    Not significant, but it does happen.

    The news media jumps on the tragic stories. They get ones attention. Just how many cops are there in the US, total? Now how many do we see on the news in such situations. Pretty small ratio when we look at the big picture. Never the less it does happen and will continue to happen. Seems to me, the only persons worried about police corruption are the ones that have recently been caught themselves, in some less than honorable circumstances.

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    What makes them any much less possibly to be corrupt? Do you think of for a 2nd that "militia" coaching provides somebody particular powers to sidestep the pitfalls of life that drag many to their loss of life? if so examine the information. Has there ever been a military Seal stated on criminal expenses; the two whilst on lively accountability, or as a civilian? i could rather prefer to think of the answer must be that easy.

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    Not as much as in days past. In Chicago in the past, it used to be a big problem.

    Police misconduct remains a major problem. Rogue cops who abuse their power remain a problems. Theres a lot of good cops out there who risk their lives on your behalf. But police positions are magnets for people who get off on the power of the badge and gun. Police departments need to do a better job of psychological screening to weed out these kind of people

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    I believe it's a problem, but not a significant one anymore. I think the agencies are working to create an atmosphere where the dishonest cop fears the honest one, not the other way around!

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    No, I personally believe it is over-hyped by the media and by those who hate police officers. It makes those who commit crime feel better about themselves to believe or even just say that "Cops are corrupt".

    I think that the vast majority of cops hate the dirty cops more than the rest of society does. We are the ones who are stigmized by dirty cops, it makes our work harder, and we have to deal with all the "corrupt cop" questions on YA ;)

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    Here is the basic problem with police... good cops rarely make the news, but bad cops always do. Because of this, you get an unrealistic idea of how many bad cops there are out there.

    Hollywood doesn't help at all, bad cops make much better movies than good cops. This is one of the reasons "The Shield" is such a popular movie.

    Yes, there are bad cops out there. Good cops don't like them either. I truly believe 99.9% of cops are good. I don't think any other profession has that high of a percentage of good people, but bad cops always make the news.

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    There is corruption everywhere. It just depends where you live and who's in your local offices.

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    Its not so much polie corruption that is the issue, but rather the militarization of our police forces... No longer do you see Officer Friendly there to help you.

    Remember the courts (including SCOTUS) have rules you have to gurentee of police protection. Thats right, you can be getting raped and murdered, and the police do not have to respond.

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