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Oprah's recipe for dog food?

can anyone give me a link to Oprah's site where she gives the actual recipe for the homemade dog food she feeds her dogs?? Or does anyone know what the recipe is?? Thanks in advance.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    You can try this site

    I tried to find Oprah's recipe too and couldn't. Good luck

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  • Joh
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    I watched that show and I was stunned to see Oprah refusing to let her own expert guest talk. He was trying to present a graph showing the best food for dogs - natural prey (rabbits, birds etc) was first, raw meat, offal and bones was 2nd and lower end dry food was last.

    The vet read through this list and said several times that dogs are carnivores and should be fed raw meat and bones. Oprah then showed everyone what she fed her dogs which was cooked chicken, rice, potato and other vegetables. She totally discounted what this man was saying and even commented that she couldn't deal with the thought of raw meat.

    I don't understand how what Oprah wants to eat reflects on what her dogs should be eating!! Not only did she disregard all the research her guest (and I believe personal vet) had done into the subject, the only thing that people seem to remember is her 'recipe'. What about the fact that while saying she agreed with the information that was presented she then invalidated everything based on her personal preference?

    The vet did not recommend this cooked meat, grain and vegetable diet, Oprah did.

    Source(s): An informative article called 'Dogs are Carnivores" A feeding guide written by a vet who advocates raw feeding. http://www.rawmeatybones A page answering myths about raw feeding and bones
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  • 6 years ago

    I just asked the question what does Oprah feed her dogs because what I know for sure is that dog food is detrimental to my dogs who are long haired German Shepherds that eat a lot and have a lot of problems--shedding; allergies; and sensitivities to name a few; I didn't see the segment; although 'm aware of the fact that Oprah can be crass; that's her; so get over it; at any rate, I'm back to my search for the moment; and what I find out about the subject will be well for my system of checks and balances, and what's appropriate for me and mine!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Oprah uses Dr. Marty Goldstein. He wrote a book, and even in the book he said that rawfood is the best you can feed your dog.

    If you won't consider that, then homecooking is the next best thing.

    Here is a link to his book at barnes and noble:

    Here is a link to a site with books by a vet about rawfeeding:

    Good luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    This was on Oprah's site "Oprah says she now feeds her dogs a mixed diet of chicken, beef, lamb, brown rice, potatoes and carrots" :

    This is probably what you wanted:

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