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Working on Wall Street?

what is it that people do when working on wall street? and what are there job titles? and what is "Wall Street" anyways? please have sources or websites, thanx in advance

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    Wall Street is the name of the financial district at the southern tip of Manhattan. It includes the actual Wall Street and a number of adjacent streets. The New York Stock Exchange is located on Wall Street. It is surrounded by many offices of major stockbroker firms, banks and other investment firms, financial news publishers, such as the Dow Jones Company, home of the Wall Street Journal, and so on. Most of the people who work there are stockbrokers, bankers, financial analysts, financial advisers, financial writers and the like.

    The name Wall Street comes from the original Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam. In the 1600's the street marked the upper limit of the town, and there was a wall, or actually a wooden stockade along the north side of the street to keep out the Indians.

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    A variety of stock brokers and commodity exchangers

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