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Discussion questions over Censorship in the media?

I need some of discussion questions

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    What role does law, social pressure, or corporate authority play in self-censorship? (Basically, what kinds of stress points and variables play in the mind of a journalist when he/she decides to report on an issue?)

    Compare and contrast censorship in the US media and censorship in the Chinese media (I bring up China because there are some fascinating parallels being explored in academic circles today.) Do we see any parallels?

    Is censorship in digital media any different than conventional print media? How effective are regulatory bodies in both?

    Does the nature of censorship change based on language? (Speaks to how a journalist reports a story)

    Is there a threshold or a "point" at which censorship is necessary? (i.e. national security) What is that threshold and who decides what that threshold is?

    Would censorship in the media look different if news wires and agencies weren't privatized but publicly subsidized?

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    No questions, but here is food for thought that may spark discussion.

    Many people believe that omissions on the part of the media outlet (newspaper, Radio station, TV News Station, etc) are censorship. This is not true. Censorship is when the government in power demands that legally public information be omitted or altered prior to release to said public.

    At times a news outlet will choose to omit information in order to protect innocent victims i. e. rape victims names, or witness names, business addresses, etc. In this case it is simply editing, not censorship.

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    there is tons of censorship in the media.... look up the FCC i don't really understand what you mean by discussion questions... could you elaborate and maybe i could help

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    while will human beings awaken and understand that mainstream our media is definitely one in all the main heavily censored media interior the international? until that occurs we can save electing evil through fact we are no longer receiving the archives required to make pronounced balloting judgements. maximum folk have no clue approximately how possession of media has been centralized into the palms of a tiny few members of the worldwide company elite. human beings have no concept that those elite have a vested interest in merchandising the government's propaganda and censoring information considered necessary for smart balloting judgements.

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    When does censorship start to violate the right to free speech?

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    "Is there censorship in the media?"

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