What happens to "drug money" when the dealer is finally arrested?

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My friend showed me a news clip today of like 200 million dollars that was sitting in a meth dealers bedroom. When his house was raided the police of course knew where this money came ...show more
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All money that is determined to be derived from the sale of drugs is confiscated by the agency. There is a hearing regarding the money which is separate from the criminal proceedings of the suspect or suspects.

The civil issue is called a forfeiture hearing. At the hearing the suspect will advance whatever proof they have that the funds were derived from a legal source. The prosecutor will of course argue the funds are from drug sale. The judge will make the determination as to the source of the funds and if the funds are determined to be from an illegal source the bulk of the money will go to either the state or federal agency investigating the case with a small percentage retained in the local agency.

In your scenario if 200 million was in fact found...I doubt that anyone could provide a reasonable explanation as to that amount of money being legal and being held in ones home.

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Ahh ok.
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  • claudiacake answered 7 years ago
    It does become evidence, and is held and used as such. A judge will determine if the money was collected in the commission of a crime (drug trafficking) and if he so determines, the money becomes property of the state's general fund. Contrary to the belief of some of the posters, the money is not divided out among the officers, or used as bonuses, or confiscated so the police dept can buy stuff. Get real, people....you don't really believe that, do you? Any proceeds that go to the local level do so at the largess of the state.
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  • Kay A answered 7 years ago
    The money is turned in to funds to help the comm. and to assist the police with equip. they may need for training and such. In the comm. it goes to programes to help children and schools. Park equip. and the poor. Or at least it does out here.


    happens here
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  • lisa k answered 7 years ago
    I believe it gets confiscated.. then goes to the gov't
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  • davidmi711 answered 7 years ago
    Money that is discovered in a drug raid is first held as evidence. If the court finds that the money was "earned" by criminal enterprise (as a result of the criminal activity) the court will confiscate the money. It does not go to the police, it goes to the state's general fund.
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  • cyrontae1110 answered 7 years ago
    no i don't think they would disperse it among themselves but its possible.but what's gonna happen is that they would keep it as evidence and then probably it would be used as funding for a better drug task force,and anything else that may be needed.
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  • Dallas S answered 7 years ago
    It will disperse with in the police department but not before some of the officer get some for them self.
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  • Angelus2007 answered 7 years ago
    The money, the house and everything is seized by the police or agency the did the bust. If you are pulled over and have drugs in the car, your car can be siezed. Some police departments have stings, where they pretend to be drug dealers, wait for someone to drive up and ask to buy drugs, they bust them an keep their cars.
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  • Charliemoo answered 7 years ago
    If i'm not wrong, the correct procedure is to first confiscate it as evidence. Then once the trial is over, the money becomes the govt's
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  • karadansu answered 7 years ago
    Some of the biggest continuing drug bust and prevention programs are funded by the drug dealers themselves.

    So, when the money is released from evidence and proven to be acquired from illegal means - it is usually used to fund programs to stop drug trafficking.

    It pretty ludicrous to do drugs...because you do stupid things like leave 200 Million laying around the house cause your so out of it...
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