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can u die of a broken heart?


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  • tom p
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    Studies showed recently that a "broken heart" is in fact a phenomemom which occurs when a spouse, or possibly a child passes away. I know, my wife passed suddenly in 2005 from a previously undiagnosed heart ailment(she was 44). So, I have done the research on this.

    I felt like I was going to die! My heart actually HURT, as if I had been punched or kicked. I went to both my GP and a Cardiologist. They both told me about "broken Heart " sydrome. Look it up, you will be suprised.

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    I don't think you can die from a broken heart. but a broken heart does bring other things for example depression, anxiety. this things can become really bad and can even make you take your life. If you are really sad and you think you might be depress you should see your doctor. Or what i did was lisen to Kisha Cole R&B singer. I like her becuase her songs are about hating men and making women stronger.

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    No you can't - cos i would have died long ago. It can happen that couples who have been together many years die soon one after the other but that's understandable - men especially take it very hard if a partner of 40 years dies and they lose the will to live - but that's what it is - the will to live - not a broken heart.

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    A broken heart is just a symbol, when you feel down you say that you have a broken heart. But actually, if your heart was broken or open your blood could not get to the other parts of your body, so........Technically, your right.......Youd die.

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    No, especially while you are young! It is just seemeng feel that's occur when love relationship get status of "broken heart" but note "who is not here we can continue without em" (that is my life-parole). Only if you meet with horrible tragedy in your old times (i.e. member of family is die in traffic accident) you can die because of "broken heart" (medicine it call heart-attack). Veradisca & Best Regards, Neven.

  • Doug
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    1 decade ago

    Some older people do, when a spouse dies, and almost immediately the other one dies, allegedly of a broken heart. However, this is a "Cant be proved" theory. Keep your chin up, this will pass. My mother died in Feb 2006, and my Dad was absolutely beside himself, and died in August. I tell everyone he died of a broken heart. Good Luck!

  • S K
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    It feels like it, but, no, you can't die from a broken heart.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    that is just a saying i think you know an analogy but i guess it someone hurting u that u love deeply can make some people take there own lifes.. but it doesnt actually physically brake your heart

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    Not literally, but the depression that results from heart-break can cause serious psychological and physical problems that could lead to early death.

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    Yes: scroll down to where it says "for example", right beside the September 2007 calendar.

    Just stumbled on this and remembered last night's question!

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