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I would like to know the experiences of THORLOS socks (which is thick socks) users?

Recently I came to know about THORLOS socks. It's thicker than the other socks which I've used all these days. Whether it is for walking or for business or for skiing or for games, their entire range consists of socks of varying thicknesses. THORLOS manufacturer says that only thick socks are good to our feet and they prevent future foot related problems by absorbing the shock and pressure generated when we walk or run or stand. Is it correct?

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    Yes, I agree.

    I have worn Thorlo socks for years. Some people don't like them, because they are used to thin socks as children and teens.

    But I wish I knew about them when I was younger, It is well known that cotton socks "hold" moisture in them, because when feet sweat, the sweat in cotton socks has nowhere to go.

    I used to wear cotton socks or cotton/acrylic blend and have even tried wool blend of various manufacturer's. None have protected my feet like Thorlos.

    I am pleased the company has so many choices.

    And now that I am older, and have lost the natural "padding" of my feet under the skin, It is even more necessary that I prevent problems from pressure and the shock of walking.

    My only gripe with Thorlos is that they do not make really wide socks for the older men in my family that have very side feet and 16" calves!

    Also, though they came out with a "diabetic" sock, I don't like it as much as the knee-high cotton-blend western sock (which they discontinued making).

    However, if you try a few pairs, I'm sure you will find a style (amount of padding, etc) you will really, really like.

    Remember that, because of the superior padding, your will have to wear a larger shoe size. Doesn't matter to me, because I always wear Thorlos.

    Yeah, they are a bit expensive, but worth it!

    Source(s): Thorlo wearer for 10 years.
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