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Chicago Cubs vs Chicago White Sox?

I know there are many rivalries and such in the MLB and other sports, but I wanted to hear from fans of both of these teams.

I wanted to know, from each side, what this rivalry mean to you and how do you react to the crosstown calssic? Also, how do you react to the other team? A lot of hate, no hate or neutral.

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    I'm a Chicago fan first, but i do like the White Sox. I grew up in a split household. My mom a long time Cub fan, my dad liked the Sox and we went to quite a few games.

    I'm glad that they decided to have Inter league play. All 6 games are GR8 to watch. Before MLB started it they played only one game.

    I've been to one game this year in person.

    My reason for liking the White Sox is that they give back much more to the community than the Cubs could ever hope to. They paid for 4 baseball diamonds for kids to use in the park across the street from where i grew up. All the Cub's management does is count the money.

    I'm sure that you all remember Sammy Sosa's time here. They signed him to bring the fans out plain and simple. He's the most selfish player to have ever worn a Cub uniform.

    It's "in" to be a Cub fan. Sox fans are much more loyal.

    I'm sure that I'll hear it for this, but i do believe it's true.

    Also anyone foolish enough to believe in a curse is not right. It's just an excuse for poor play when they fail to win when they need to.

    I used to take care of about 90 employees 90% of which were Cub fans. All i heard was Cub this and Cub that from March to November. When the Sox won the World Series i've never seen more bitter people in my life.

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    To me, as a White Sox fan, there is no rivalry really. I hate interleague play and the Cubs vs. Sox series. It brings out the idiots who don't really know the game and just want to get drunk and yell. Mostly though, it is a good natured feud. Like any town with 2 teams, there will be the following:

    1) Fans who like only one team and rip the other team

    2) Fans who are happier when the Sox lose than when the Cubs win - and same for the other side.

    3) Fans who like both teams.

    This rivalry took a dramatic turn down when the White Sox won it all in 2005. No longer was it two teams fighting for the title of "least amount of being a loser". The Sox winning took a lot of air out of the sails.

    I for one want to see the Cubs win it all at some point. I have family and friends who are as big as Cub fans as I am a Sox fan, and I want to see them as happy as I was 2 years ago.

    Every baseball fan deserves to see his or her team in a World Series. It is memories that last a lifetime.

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    As a life long Cubs fan, I have to tell you that while I was always a fan of one team, I never hated the Sox until I got older and I saw how much their fans hated us! Jealousy over who got the most press, etc, seems to consume Sox fans minds. To the point that, if you had asked most Sox fans (prior to winning the series) what they would have preferred - the Sox winning the series or the Cubs never winning - they would choose the Cubs never winning! So my mindset toward the Sox began to change and now I hate them and their fans. I don't even like to watch the Crosstown series because I get so emotional that if the Cubs lose, it ruins my day and I get really angry. But as a Cubs fan, I admit I am embarrassed at how long it's been since the Cubs have won, and I do envy the Sox fans for having won the series in '05. Btu anyone who is a real, true baseball fan in Chicago loves one team and hates the other. Those so-called "Chicago" fans aren't really fans, deep down.

    Source(s): 40 years of being a Cubs fan
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    I am not a big fan of the Crosstown Classic. I mean it's definately for the fans, but if you are comparing the two, the Sox are hands down the better team. They have a better record than the Cubs in the last 5 years. They have a better stadium with more ammenities and activities. They have better food and beer at the stadium than the Cubs. Sox fans are also more knowledgeable about the game and more loyal to their team. Cubs fans go to the world's largest outdoor beer garden and there just so happens to be a game taking place. Cubs fans can hardly recite stats, they can only yell "Go Cubbies", as they don't know anything other than being a bandwagon fan. As a whole, Chicago is a Cubs town due to all the fans, but logically , the Sox are a better team in so many different aspects.

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    I am a White Sox fan. During the cross town classic, I desperatly want the Sox to win, and usually keep to hanging out with my Sox friends until I know the outcome. I don't like the Cubs, thats for sure, but I would not say I HATE them. Its mostly some of their fans that annoy me. Like the ones that go on the road with the team. I know some White Sox fans do this too, but it seems like more Cubs fans do. I know this sounds stupid, but I am happiest when I can say Sox win Cubs lose, and if the Sox lose, it makes me feel better to know that the Cubs have lost as well.

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    I'm a Cubs fan and I have no problem with the White Sox (of course, some of the nasty answers on here are having me reconsider). I don't live in Chicago, maybe I'd feel differently if I did but where I live everyone is either a Cardinals fan or a Cubs fan. I do have one friend that is a White Sox fan and he couldn't be nicer guy so I guess I always assume that all White Sox fans are nice too, lol. I wouldn't bash their team or their fans unless they came after my Cubbies first.

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    i'm a diehard cubs fan. i hate the white sux...when they won the world series (*gag*) two years ago, i was not happy. i think everyone in chicago loves the crosstown classic, but the cubs are definitely the more popular of the two teams. let me just say that the derrek lee pinch hit grand slam against the white sux was definitely in my top 2 baseball moments (the other being michael barrett's walk-off grand slam against the cards last year). i like that chicago has two teams because it adds a little more life and competitive nature into chicago culture. the rivalry can be brutal at times too, especially when both teams are doing well (unlike the this and last season).

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    Im a huge cubs fan. I have been one since 1990. the cubs have always been the #1 baseball team in chicago. Except for the playoffs of 2005. I cheered on the white sox in the playoffs that year and even listen to a few games in the playoffs hoping for them to win. Now that the white sox are in last and my team is in first I am rooting for the cubs. The Cubs are probably the easiest team to root for and this is why. If they lose then we are used to it and its wait til next year. Now if the cubs were to win it all. then we all will die of heart attacks and hell would freeze over and life as we know is dead. lol so im a cubs fan i dont cheer on the white sox unless they are playing a team in the nl central or they are in playoffs and we arent.

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    Cubs are my 2nd team, I'm pretty sure you can guess who is my first. I like the Cubs because I have some family that roots for them and some that have lived there and they are likeable team, with alot of tradtition.

    I dislike not hate but dislike the White Sox because both teams are rivals with them. I also don't like fans that don't know sportsmanship and act cocky, or even their coach for that matter. Their announcers refer to them as the good guys and announce like fans rather that impartial announcers, it's a different bunch of people that's for sure. Every has their team so whatever.

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    It's a choice between the blue collar White Sox and the yuppie Cubs, huh? I've been to both ball parks so many times and have followed baseball for years and years. White Sox fans cheer the Cubs when they are in a race, Cub fans hold up signs saying that the Sox suck. Whiter area people don't like darker area people even if it means that they display no city pride. I'll take the White Sox, even this year, over the vomit smelling bleacher seats in Wrigley. Sox fans know baseball. Cub fan know their elbows are the same things as baseballs.

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