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how can i get a green card when i only have F-1 student visa ?

i heard its somethin about h1 visa, i have no idea whats that, if i stayed three years in a raw with my f-1 will i be able to get a green card ?


dont tell me to get a job cause a student cant work, duh!

Update 2:

ok then. what if after my master degree, can i work for three years then get my green card ?

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    F-1 classification means that you're a student. You are not able to work, or even seek employment under that visa status.

    You can apply for a OPT enhancement to your status, if your program has a "learn by experience" portion of the degree program. Then you can hold a job that allows you to develop necessary "in situ" skills that can't be taught in the classroom.

    However, one of the other restrictions that is typical of an F-1 classification is that the visa is a temporary one; you have indicated that you have no intention of remaining in the US permanently. If you seek to change your status (i.e apply for permanent residency status and thereby obtain a "green card"), you are in violation of your visa agreement - regardless of whether or not your petition to change status is successful. At that point, your current status (F-1) will likely be revoked ... and you will have to leave the country or be deemed an illegal, which has even more serious repercussions.

    Sorry - you simply cannot go from "student" (or "tourist", either) to permanent resident.

    TO answer the other part of your question: an H1 classification is a work visa issued to individuals who have a specific background necessary to specific US companies. Usually the requirement is for an advanced degree (often in something to do with manufacturing or technology), extensive experience in the chosen field, and a letter from the prospective employer indicating that they've done their homework and there simply isn't a qualified US candidate and that your credentials have been vetted against US standards and found acceptable or comparable, and that they are offering you a position with them (at some salary, for some specific duration).

    Once you are on an H1 visa, you can begin the process to obtain permanent residency.

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    You can't. An H1 visa is a work visa, for which you need an employer to sponsor you. It can be only for high level jobs which require a degree or specialized training, and the job has to be advertised, with the employer not being able to find a qualified American, even at above average wages.

    Staying on an F1 visa doesn't lead towards a green card. Getting a degree might give you the skills to apply for a national interest waiver green card - the requirements are similar to those for an H1 visa, except you just need to prove you have unusual and important skills, instead of having an employer say that you have the specific skills they want.

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    You can not get a green card on a student visa. Depending on your degree course many students have an additional 18 months on their student visa where they can continue to work for the US employer where they are doing their job experience, (this has to be offered by the US employer) once on this the US employer may sponsor you for a H1B visa (you need to have completed your degree for this visa) and they can NOT find an American to do that job.

    Once your application thought the US employer has been successful for a H1B visa, valid for three years. The US employer may sponsor you for a green card. However, many companies do not do this unless it is their policy to do so due to the cost involved.

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    I worked when I was a student, yes they can work and many work their way through school. Employers find it very impressive. In 3 years this country will be in a civil war and there will be no jobs.

    India consulting firms take over 70% of the H1-B visas given every year.

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    Very simple answer. You cannot get a green card as an F-1.

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    instead of squabbling with people here who don't really know much about the process of getting visas and green card, first go to the international student office and ask the officials there for info on what to do with your status after you get your degree.

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    Get married with an american.

    You will get the green card after 2 months:))).

    You need to check the embassy from your country in USA.You need to do a lot of research if you really want to know the anwer, because it is not easy.Give phone calls and see what`s the best solution.

    Good luck

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    Make sure her visa does not have a 2 year HSS attached to it ...

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    Green Cards are expensive. Start at about $14,000 all the way up to $30,000 depends on the individual circumstances.

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