Convert monitor to touch-screen?

There's this apparatus that you stick in your PC and converts your monitor to touch-screen. What do you call that device?

Can you suggest any website or URL where I can get details of how this device works and where I could buy?

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  • D_S_
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    1 decade ago
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    Hiya Mister,

    They are called touch screen add on or panel kits. Two types of touchscreen add on kits are available:

    The first one is installed internally and the monitor appears unchanged. The installation is a bit technical for the average person.

    The price of the internal kit ranges between $69 and $200.

    17" LCD on eBay:

    This one on eBay appears to be flat screen compatible, CRT or LCD. E-mail them to confirm:

    The second type is the external frame touch sensor that clips over the existing screen. This options changes the appearance of the monitor because of the frame, clips and USB wire.

    Baber will ship you one that will cost a bit more then $200 US:


  • retana
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    4 years ago

    Touch Screen Conversion Kit

  • first you need a touck-screen foil to glue to your crt / lcd / plasma, either capacitive or resistive. that is a must in order for your pc to be able to detect where you touch the screen.

    next, this touch sensitive foil connects to the computer via com port (now also via usb) and comes with its owh drivers.

    about purchasing such devices, i am not shure that anyone would sell you a piece. these items are sold in bulk (100, 1000 etc pieces once)

    i just told you this. i can`t provide a url for you. try searching

    i just googled a bit earlier and it came up to me with:

    but nothing more...

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