How can I contact our troops via EMAIL?

I would like to show my support to our overseas troops through email correspondence. I have visited many websites that encourage care packages, ect. but I am not in the financial position to do so. Last summer I corresponded with a soldier in Iraq via email, butlost touch with him. I feel that my support could help a soldier out there and if anyone could provide me with email addresses, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

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    "Motomail" is better than email. Internet access is hard for many in Iraq, particularly those who need mail the most. Motomail works like email, but it prints off an actual letter to be delivered to the Servicemember - eliminating the need for internet access. Just go to and imput the address you would like to write. You will need a specific address, the "any servicemember" thing doesn't work anymore.

    I run LEAVES Military Ministries, Inc and I would be happy to assign you a Hero from our program for you to write. Just go to and click "Become an Ally".

    Packages are optional for Allies, though we do encourage one or two during a deployment. The average cost for a package is $15 including postage, but if you decide to do it you can fill it however you like (making it cheaper or more expensive by your budget). Our #1 request is Choc Chip Cookies.

    Hope that this helped. If you have more questions feel free to email me at

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    Go to and just send an e-mail to the leader of the E-Pal team. Explain to her that you cannot financially do packages right now, but would still like to do e-mailing. I cannot promise anything, but they will more than likely be willing to let you do it since you have previous experience. Just make sure you tell them that you've done this before.

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    Go to and they will match you with a soldier to correspond with.

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