collections trying to sue me for ballys total fitness?

Can ballys sue?

I had an account with ballys total fitness in 2004-2005 I hurt my knee and could not work out so I stop paying my bill. They said it was not a contract but yet they have sent my file to a creditor’s office. So now they have this person calling me saying something about a law office. He said that if I don’t pay they will take me to court. It went from 100$ to 1900$ I guess from past due. Can they take me to court for that? Or will it just stay on my bill. My uncle said they are just trying to scare me and make me pay the outstanding balance. Is this true?

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    did you sign up with Bally's?

    then it was a contract, either annually or a fixed term, and they since you did not pay they sent to collections, being hurt is no excuse for not paying into a binding contract ( hence why you should never really sing up for such restrictive "memberships". keep in mind Bally's is one of the top leader in getting people to sing up well knowing that most will not do regular work outs over the long term, but still collection on membership monthly fees

    can the credit agency sue you


    will they?

    depends must find out if they can collect in your state, they might not be licensed to collect in your state

    2. since the debt has been written off by Bally's then chances are the collection agency now owns the debt outright due to time, the problme is even if you manage to escape that agency, another can buy it and go after you, your SOL is still realtively fresh so they do have recourse in collecting, if it was from the 2 to 5 years, then usually most SOL statues ( depending on the state ) apply and in essence you are no longer entitled to pay the debt, but constant contact keeps the debt freshly aged to keep under the SOL

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    1st i could turn them into the greater useful corporation Bureau. you probably did the magnificent ingredient via putting a end charge on it, i could have achieved the comparable. i individually propose which you bypass to your close by information paper and function them run a narrative on it as properly as your close by information stations. i could touch your Justice of the Peace place of work and ask in case you are able to report a counter declare with out having an lawyer. i could additionally as we talk cancel my club there. it is infuriating!! you may desire to have the skill to do some thing to them for taking unauthorized quantities out of your account!! solid success!

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