How do I get an audio transcript of a 911 call?

Long story short, my fiancee called the local police department regarding her ex-husband, as he was drunk when she dropped off her son after weekend visitation. Not ten minutes later, the police showed up at OUR door responding to a complaint of a "kid screaming and being beaten". (Needless to say, our son was fine.)

I know he called (the officer claimed it was "anonymous"), and I'm looking to have him brought up on charges of filing a false police report. I know that you can get an audio transcript of the 911 call (the local news does this all the time). How do I go about getting it? And any other advice that you might have regarding the legal ramifications of this issue?

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    You might try filing an open records request under your state's Freedom of Information Act law (this was originally a federal law, applying to federal agencies only, but now each state has some version of it). Do an online search, or go to the PD, to find out what the specifics of the law are. One typical exception that would protect records from disclosure is anything relating to a pending criminal investigation--it sounds like this is closed, so probably that wouldn't apply. The one that might apply, though, is that at least some states have some type of confidentiality protection for those reporting suspected abuse of a child. The idea of this is to encourage people in contact with the child, such as teachers, to report suspected abuse and initiate an investigation without fear of retaliation. The downside is that it is of course sometimes subject to abuse, perhaps most often in custody and neighbor dispute situations. You would need to check the specifics of your state's law to know whether such an exception protects the information you're looking for here from disclosure.

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    Regardless of the "false call" your fiance's ex-husband had called in for, the police have to take every situation as though it is legit ie. child screaming and being beaten.

    I'm sure once the police found out your son was fine, they just left. Calling the police to file a false/inaccurate report is so frequent you'd be surprised. However, no ones life was in danger or there was no immediate threat made so I don't exactly see the need to get the audio transcript of the 9-11 call. What you can do is get a report/documentation number of how the call was dispatched and bring that to court with you if your fiance's ex and your fiancee are having child custody battle.

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