How to start a hot dog cart business in Yolo county california?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I suggest you go to CALGOLD California Business Permitting Database . The business you plan to start falls under the"Sidewalk and Street Vending" category

    The site will list for you everything you need and where to go when starting this business. For example you will need

    1. Business License

    Contact: County of Yolo

    Yolo County Business License Department

    292 W. Beamer St.

    Woodland, CA 95695


    2, Fictitious Business Name Filing: Required if fictitious business name is used.

    Contact: County of Yolo

    Yolo County Recorder's Office

    Fictitious Business Names

    625 Court St., Room 105

    Woodland, CA 95695


    3. Health Permit - Food Service:

    Contact: County of Yolo

    Yolo County Environmental Health

    10 Cottonwood St.

    Woodland, CA 95695


    4. Solicitors Peddlers and misc. licenses: May be required to register with County Sheriff

    Contact: County of Yolo

    Yolo County Sheriff's Department

    41793 Gibson Road

    Woodland, CA 95695


    These are but a few of the requirements you need to start a hotdog cart business. Go to CALGOLD and check out everything you need

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    5 years ago

    remember those days when there use to be bastards on every corner selling lemonade? It's not so much unique but you think I can find one of them nowadays when mama's hot and thirsty? Noooooo. I mean Christ, it's 3 ingredients people! So, lemonade cart. For kicks some pink lemonade on the side for extra.

  • 1 decade ago

    you have to get a permit to sell food, and a license for this business. You have to be a member or Equalization so that you can get your merchandise at a lower cost - so you will get good profit.

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