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Plzz Rate My SPE&D Hero Deck?1-100?









40 cards

22 Monsters

2 jinzo

1 d-hero dasher

3 cyber dragon

2 d-hero malichious

1 e-hero stratos

3 e-hero ocean

2 e-hero wildheart

2 d-hero diamond dude

1 d-hero disk commander

2 d-hero fear monger

1 morphing jar

1 card tropper

1 dmoc

15 Spell's

3 lighting vortex

3 destinty draw

2 card destruction

2 noc

1 mst

1 heavy storm

1 premature burial

1 pot of averiace

1 swords of realving light

3 Traps

2 royal decree

1 mirror force

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    put d hero bloo-d and d hero dogma also e hero neos combo with neo specimens and elemental hero fusions e hero is nothing without fusion fast and destroyer that's the point rate= 88/100

  • 4/10

    ok, first off, im not too thrilled on you flaming so many people and putting up this build, you should be constructive when critiquing, and then put your build., but thats not affecting my rating. i must admit, that it doesnt live up to a mixed hero or even that fast of a deck, and on top of it all, with how many support cards heroes have, you should use cards that support them, and pick between e or d, they dont have as good synergy together like e- and e. heroes do. also, you say there's control, but i dont see it, all there is are trap locks, that's it, and there's way too many monsters to be a respectable hero deck, no more than 15. more will take away from the spell speed they have to actually make a good, decisive turn.

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    Just a few comments......

    like the guy above me said, 22 monster is too many for speed deck, use a reliable amount of monster

    Card Destruction is restricted to 1 per deck

    and should add more normal spells to let Diamond Dude uses it's effect more efficiently


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