I have this "BFF" who is always always stabbing me in the back every chance she gets!!!...?

My former "BFF" and I have been friends since meeting freshman year in high schoo!(we're 21 now) I love this girl to death, we were like sisters!! BUT HERE'S THE BIG PROBLEM. I can't trust her!!! if I tell her a secret...she tells everyone! I resently told her something very prevent about me and a guy I was "hunging up" w/...not only did she tell that guy I was talking trash!! she told everybody we know!! I felt very hurt and betraded when I found out! not to mention she was living w/ me in my apartment for 3 month w/out paying me a single penny or even buying food!!! and she brought her dog in my apartment and totally trash my place!!! so after finding out about her loose *** lips...I kicked her out of my place and I ended the friendship!!! She never told me she was sorry for what she did...and to this day, she still bad mouth me to other ppl!? but I miss her friendship soooo much, we haven't spoke in 3 months...was I wrong for ending the friendship, or should I find a new BFF:(??

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    girl you did the right thing BBF dont let loose lips sink friendSHIPS. she wasnt a real friend if she gets a kick out of hurting you. you dont need her as a friend. tell some of her stuff to let her see how it feels but donot rekindle the friendships.

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    well, if you cant trust her she really isnt your " BFF ". talk to her and try to get to trust her more, or, likely, your friendship will get worse. trust me, even though im younger i know how it feels to have friends like that, one minute you are like sisters, and the next, shes telling everyone you secret? maybe try not to be so close to her, just be friends for awhile until she gains your trust back

    best of luck [:

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    oh my gosh it's like you're reading a chapter out of my life!!

    my best friend does the same exact thing to me.

    i ended it with her 1 month ago but i miss her soooo much.

    i now realize that i'm better off without her now.


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  • 1 decade ago

    fid another friend u will get that old friendship feeling with another frind and who u can trust her..

  • Anonymous
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    Find a new one that you can trust.

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