What or who is a seminoles???

please this is for u.s history

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    ~Oh come on, can't you even type "Seminole" into a search engine. No? Okay, the Seminoles are the Florida State sports teams. And I can just about guarantee that the original Seminoles wish that Edmund P. Gaines, Zachary Taylor, Oliver O. Howard, Richard Keith Call, Thomas S. Jesup and Andy Jackson were as oblivious of them as you are.

    The Seminoles were not indigenous to Florida, nor are they a unique distinct 'tribe'. They migrated to Florida (were forced there) from Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. They were of various tribes including Muscogee, Hitchiti, Koasati, Alabama, Natchez, Yuchi and Shawnee and they formed the Seminole nation upon arrival in Florida. They also accepted escaped African slaves into the 'tribe'. "Seminole" is a Hichiti word for "Runaway", signifying their flight from their traditional homelands.

    When you get answers that refer to Osceola, check into it. It is hotly disputed whether or not he was a true Seminole, although he did lead a small band of Seminoles in the Second Seminole war. He was part Muscokgee, possibly part Creek and in all likelihood, part English. On the other hand, since there is no such thing as a "true Seminole", logically speaking, wherein lies the dispute?

    The Seminole Wars were the longest in US history and included some of the most savage acts of barbarism ever committed by the US. Osceola did have his day when Major Francis L. Dade proved himself to be as dumb and as inept as George Armstrong Custer would be some forty years later. For this Osceola paid a heavy price. In 1837, Osceola and Coachoochee went to Fort Payton under a flag of truce (not a flag, but the feather meant the same thing) to negotiate peace terms and General Thomas Sidney Jesup had him arrested and imprisoned. He died a year later.

    There are so many excellent sites (not Wikipedia) available and so much information at you fingertips, why are you looking for information here? Especially when the information you are getting is so blatantly wrong.

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    The Seminoles are a Native American tribe centered in mainly in Florida. Although they existed in Georgia but in smal numbers since stronger tribes such as the Choctaw dominanted that region.

    Eventually they were almost decimated due to diseases transmitted by the Spanish. Eventually their populations became mixed with African and Spanish, groups who resided in Florida during Spanish rule.

    A majority of the population fled to Cuba and points south along with the Spanish after British conquest of Florida.

    The rest merged with Georgia tribes and were forced further west.

    The Seminoles are the only native American tribe not to sign peace treaty with the United States

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    SKATERLOREN if your family is Indian then you should know better than to describe the Seminole as "a type" of Indian- that is almost like saying "a breed". Surely you don't describe "types" of European?!

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    They were a tribe in Florida in which the U.S. Government had several wars with. Osceola was the Chief.

    Here's a site that gives plenty of history.


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    seminoles are a native american tribe that are situated in the northern part of florida. they now have a reservation with successful casinos in florida.

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    They where are a group of Indians who lived in and around florida.

    They where well known for there use of bows or there bowminship.

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