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Any good indigestion remedies?

I'm 33weeks pregnant and suffer with indigestion like all the time, I can't stand the chalky tablets like rennie or gaviscon syrup. Has anyone found anything that has helped them?

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    baking soda and water, there are directions on the box. It doesn't taste that good but, it really works. I used it and Rolaids, the peppermint ones aren't bad.

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    Try crackers or toast. It will soak up the acid and give your tummy something to chew on other than your esophagus. Also try smaller more frequent meals and avoid things that are high in grease or acidic bases like tomato sauces and vinegar based dressings. If that doesn't help, try zantac 75. It's a pill you swallow and isn't chalky like a tums or gaviscon.

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    Zantac 150

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    ya i suffer too. Lying down is the worst thing to do. I hate the chalky stuff to. I havn't found anything else. Tumbs makes one that's not chalky it's like a gummy or somthing. Still nasty!

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    If you want a safe and all natural remedy, go to GNC or a health food store, buy chewable Papaya tablets, and take about 3 if you have bad indigestion. It tastes good, it's safe and it works!

    Source(s): 15 weeks pregnant & it's what I do.
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    hi there,

    i know how you feel, i had terrible heartburn with both my last pregnancys. i lived on rennies tho. but if i ever ran out i would drink a glass of milk which really helped for me. good luck (",)

    Source(s): mommy of 2 little boys and 12weeks with baby number 3 no heartburn as yet (touch wood lol)
  • Milk helps.

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    nothing during the day except what you listed.

    what i can say is to sleep propped up. you will feel better in the mornings.

    good luck

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    milk! if you can stand it warm, warm it up.


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    Peppermint works great and is safe.

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