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What to do~ I love this girl, and she loves me.. But she ALSO loves another guy.?

Her and I have actually been together, twice now.. But she has ended it both times, because she "wasn't ready", considering the fact that she still has feelings for this other gentlemen.

She DOES love me, and wants to be with me, but with this other dude she's friends with, I just can't see it happening.

As of now, her and I are the best of friends, and care for each other beyond words~

But she has this same relationship with the other guy.

In other words.. She's super close to us both.

Don't get me wrong.. My friendship with her means the WORLD to me.. But my deep passionate love for her is still there and is continuously growing.

So I guess the real question here is.. Should I continue waiting for her? Or just hide my pain and love, and keep our stable friendship?

It's really a hard situation I'm in, and it has been ruining my enjoyment of life..

Thanks in advance~

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    Hmmm, learn from this, itis not a fair relationship, your realizing that. But at the same time love makes a strong bond, not sure of how healthy your truely handling this because I don't know how deep you cats go. I know thou, its not as close as you would think. Individauls that can't come to terms, make up there minds, or even care to, well use that. "I'm not ready" That shows she is being personally neglectful of her own needs and instead is confusing herselves with wants, dangerous. She might need you, she might need him, she might need you both, but if there is a division between the two of you (you and the other guy) this situation is only being controlled by her. Which is dangerous and unfair for that heart of yours, be carful, best to leave the lady be, but you do have lessons to learn, just be carful...... much I can say, but this can teach you, be strong be honest....

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