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Does classic red lipstick match all skin colors.?

i bought a cover girl lipstick called classic red. it sort of looks pinkish i wanted it to look like marilyn monroe but my skin is a olive color. should i stick with it, am i just not use to it?

does olive skin match classic red lipstick

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    um, not really. I have tanned skin and it looks horrible on me.

    I think it look good on pale skin.

    if you have blemishes or acne, red lipstick brings out the colour of the scars. not good.

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    No, all "classic reds" are not the same.

    Cool Skin Tones

    Look for reds with pink, purple or blue undertones.

    Warm Skin Tones

    Are enhanced by yellow and orange reds.

    Neutral Skin Tones

    Choose a red with brown undertones

    I too have a warm olive complexion. I think red lipstick is gorgeous if it's the right color!

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    No, no and more no.

    There are many versions of the "classic red" some of which are orange based - best for olive and African-American skin. Blue based reds look horrible on dark skin, they are best for fair skinned women. Trust me, the red that Halle Berry wears is NOT the same as the one that Heidi Klum would wear.

    You dont want to walk around looking like a clown.

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    It is hard to tell without seeing the exact color of the lipstick or your skin. The only thing to do is put it on and use your own judgement as to whether it looks good or not.

    My favorite thing to do is look online and in those beauty/makeup magazines and find a celbrity close to my skin tone with red lipstick. They will usually put a similar recommendation for a color you can buy.

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    Red lipstick doesn't go with every skin color. I think it goes with olive skin. Truly I didn't know what color was olive skin was until now. I just looked it up, this is the pictures I got:




    If your skin is olive color than I think it does look good. Good Luck I hope this helps!

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    I would like to say that it would look great, but I can't seem to convince myself that it does. I think red lipstick would overpower olive skin. It will make you look washed out.

    Red lipstick looks great on people with pale faces, it looks veryy classic and veryy chic. But also remember, if you have any reddness on your face (acne, scars, etc.) it will bring them out.

    Try a coral pink colour.

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    i think of a diminished crimson only like all people says... such because of the fact the MAC "actual Doll" shade... I additionally recommend "Catin" from MAC additionally even nevertheless this is a crimson shade... yet because of the fact you're saying you do no longer choose this style of drastic replace ... then try lipglosses for the day time...Victoria's secret has some extremely cute lipgloss colorings that still flavor and scent very sturdy! If no longer be sure you are trying mac lipglosses they have all varieties of colorings which you would be able to try on at Macys or on the MAC keep... Sephora has some very advantageous colorings to boot... i think of you should pass there to boot because of the fact it has an excellent kind of sturdy manufacturers and the Sephora kind itself has some fairly colorings... i be attentive to this wasn't component to you question yet because of the fact you're saying you have diminished dermis... i think of you should additionally try utilizing some advantageous pinkish blush... with bronzer... i exploit "miami coastline" by ability of shipment... that's available at Sephora too... that's totally fairly and it grants a organic blush with some shade on your dermis taht way you do no longer definitely choose shade on your lips perhaps in basic terms some shine like MAC's clean "lipglAss" :) desire I helped!

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    Yes it would go well with olive skin tones, but beware, pale skin and red is a no no. Be careful with what other makeup you wear it with. If you wear bold lips, go for a softer eye.

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    yeah it does. you are fortunate to have olive skin, you can pull of almost any make-up style you want!

  • yes it does

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