Is there a non-over the counter drug to cure cutaneous candidiasis?

I have a stubborn case of cutaneous candidiasis (yeast infection), I have been to the dermatologist for it many times have have tried many things. Verdeso was the only thing that worked but it came back after my sample was done. Then he put me on something else that doesn't work at all. I was wondering if there is anything that you could buy non over the counter that anyone has found to treat this. Thank you.


DTD, you are correct... it is a skin infection.

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    Not yet, there is a couple working their way through the red tape though.

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    Try the over the counter yeast cream treatment that women use for yeast infections. Candidiasis is caused by Candida albicans , the same yeast that cause vaginal yeast infections, so in theory it should work.

    By cutaneous, you mean the skin? Because if it's in the nails, then you're in for a long and expensive treatment since no creams can get to the fungus under your nail beds. You'll have to kill it from the nail root by taking expensive oral meds for months.

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