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Does aspirin affect your period one way or another?

I always take Excedrin, which has aspirin and acetometaphin for my headaches. If taken while on my period, will this affect it one way or another? I know aspirin is a blood thinner but since your period is actually the liner shedding, I don't if it would affect it bleeding wise? I'd hate to overbleed, if that's even possible.

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    No you won't "over-bleed" however it will thin the blood, it will also help reduce the blood clotting that most of experience during our periods, thus reducing cramping. Taking to much aspirin is never good, however taken in moderation you should be fine.

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    Aspirin Menstrual Bleeding

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    Was your last period normal? If it wasn't, it is possible you could be pregnant. Some people get implantation bleeding which is a weak period or watery period when they are pregnant. If you think you got pregnant after the 31st of July, then it is not likely you are pregnant... you wouldn't gain weight that fast. You can take a pregnancy test for a dollar if you get it at dollar tree. Just be sure to follow the directions exactly. It is the same urine test done in the doctors office. Remember though that false negatives are more likely than a false positive. So if it comes back that you are pregnant you are! If you want to be totally positive, go and get a blood test at the doctors. Those are very accurate. Good luck.

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    Aspirin can affect your period making it seem like you have a heavier flow being as aspirin can act as a blood thinner

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    Yes, most doctors advice for women to not take aspirin products while mentstrating. It will still cause the flow to be heavier.

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    actually its a very bad idea i once took an aspirin for the pain in my period and all i achieved was going to the hospital because the blood wouldnt stop.... it was an awful experience do not try it...

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    Aspirin can increase your blood flow. Does ibuprofen (Advil) work for your headaches? That is great to take during your period, and can even reduce blood flow slightly.

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    aspirin messes w/platelets,which is a clotting factor...seems like it would cause more bleeding for longer time...stay off during periods and see if helps...

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    it can cause you to bleed longer or shorter length of times on your period. i have a aunt that her period was going to fall close to her wedding night so her GYN told her to take aspirin to start her period early and it did so her period was no longer an issue to ruin her wedding plans. it also made her period shorter lenth of time but that meant having more blood flow. because we all loose a pint each cycle. it took less days to loose that pint. good luck and best wishes. i wouldn't recommend doing this all the time you have your cycles. good luck and best wishes.

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