Is the Philippines not the WORST Asian country?

Isn't the Philippines the worst Asian country or area located in Asia? Think about it, the country is not up to par with other places in Asia socially, politically and economically.

Think about it, aren't these places more accomplished than the Philippines?

1) China

2) Hong Kong

3) Japan

4) South Korea

5) Singapore

6) Taiwan

7) India

8) Malaysia

9) Vietnam

10) Indonesia

North Korea is worse than the Philippines.....But then again they are under a Communist dictatorship!

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    Actually, there are other Asian countries that are worse than the Philippines.

    Do not compare Philippines with Japan or China since they are not considered as a Third world country. Try comparing Philippines with other 3rd world country and you'll see a huge difference.

    Socially Philippines is above some and is one of the few English speaking Asian country, the only thing that sucks in the Philippines is the Politics which leads to bad economy. Graft and corruption is becoming more widespread from Secretaries down to city officials.

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    Economically and statistically, it can be considered though that the Philippines is still one of the most struggling economies in Asia but definitely not the worst in the region. Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea are apparently richer but putting it in a personal level, I think that we Filipinos (generally middle-class Filipinos) can afford to have a "great" and enjoyable life more than the Malaysians, Singaporeans and South Koreans could. It's all about mindsetting. For instance, a simple activity like malling in a "mall-infested" country like the Philippines, gives Filipinos a sense of relief from all sorts of problems. How can one say that you're living in the "worst country" when you can easily get to have fun with friends even with a meager budget in a well-ventilated state-of-the-art mall just right next to your "sitio" or "barangay?" Where else on earth can you get to the bring a girlfriend to a coolest moviehouse in a world-class mall and eat at McDonald's afterwards for less than US$8? It may sound very ironic for some people from other countries, but economic "greatness" for Filipinos is not measured by economic indicators like the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or the strength of the Philippine Peso versus the US Dollar, as what matters more to Filipinos is giving genuine happiness to family members more especially, amidst economic and political crises. Moreover, with what I could get to hear from most Filipinos I know who are now living permanently in the US and in Europe always say that nothing can ever compare to staying in the Philippines. Why? The Filipino "psyche" is perpetually stronger than the mere thought that countries like US could make a Filipino earn more money and is a better country to live.

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    5 years ago

    To my opinion, Malaysia and none of the countries you mentioned here. Political feud that is because of the issue between the Philippines and Malaysia concerning Sabah long time ago before you and me probably were born. Korea? Why would you think Korea? You are watching too many tv commercials I suppose. Korea is the one of the countries that is helping us to have a stronger ties for economic growth, did you know that? Perhaps not yet I suppose. Korea has many shipping plan or manufacturing bay in the Philippines and one of them is station is Subic, Olongapo ship building facilities run and manage by a Korean company. When you said you know Koreans see us as low life? Why would they look upon us as low life, you didn't even give us some examples or some details about low life in your own prospective. What is low life? Life in the lowest elb? Our life is really that low but not to the extent of being too lowly in life. Filipinos are like bamboo, I think you hear this a thousand times already, when it rain it bends on its knees and when the sun comes up again, it return back to its original form. I think you are reading too many magazine or comic books that mix everything up and have your own conclusion to everything. Why not just stick to the regular program on tv that way you will know what is real and fiction.

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    Philippines is not the worst Asia because they know second language as others. The only worst thing about that place is the politic, they don't know how to care they own people. Most filipinos are suffering and they don't care as long as they have money. Thats why a lot of filipinos came down here in America to work hard so they can support they family back in Philippines.

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    From a social and political view the Philippines is far from the worst in the Pacific Rim. I studied the PR for my Senior Sem. in college. I studied the economic development of Papua New Guinea, and found that cannibalism is still wide spread and that not to mention the political issues. Fact is newly developing countries are still practicing social and political traditions that we might find unacceptable. Just remember, not too long ago we to practiced injustices to humanity ourselves. We can only hope we all learn from our histories.

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    it is not the worst country in asia. it depends on the person's standing in society. you would also be surprised that even the poorest people can afford cellphones. timex watches are made here. shopping here is better than in north america. it used to be one of the leading countries in southest asia. corruption is not uncommon in the government. bad leadership has caused the steady decline of the economy. runnning for political office is a popularity contest, not based on who is better equiped to serve

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    If you're an upper-class Filipino, then the Philippines is definitely not the worst country in Asia.

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    It's not among the best but not the worst.

    As a country, not quite on top but as people-------one of the best the world can offer: beautiful women, skilled workers, talented entertainers, and the list goes on.

    In every continent, there is a Filipino....employers love Filipinos, white and blue collar jobs alike. And the men definitely love Filipinas. Mabuhay!

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    have you EVER been to ANY parts of Asia, or do you just watch lots of T.V.?

    do you have a grudge against a Phillo to say something like that?

    you must be VERY young and uneducated-

    instead of being rude and asking silly questions on Yahoo- why not actually googling some info for yourself og 3rd world countries- educate yourself, its free.

    Source(s): and No im not Phillo- greek.
  • aaron
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    with so much natural calamities, presidents like estrada &arrayo swindlin govt funds , farmin affected , repeated coups affectin country's political stability, one cant expect economical miracles there

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