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Should women reporters interview players?

I do not like female commentators or reporters interviewing NHL players or coaches at intermission or after a game. I hate to be sexist (and I am female), but it just seems like they don't belong. Would you prefer to have a woman interviewing your favorite player, or a man, or does it really matter?

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    I'm not trying to be sexist here in the slightest, but i do agree with you. woman tend to be kinda ditzey when they're interviewing where as guys tend to cut to the chase. also for some reason all women sports commentators act like they know nothing about the sport and have to learn it all from the player they're interviewing.

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    I hate all those out there that don't think women belong in the game of hockey. I think women belong just as much as men do. Look at how well some of the women players have done.

    Cassie Campbell, Hayley Wickenheiser... And Campbell's working with CBC. She's doing just as great of a job as Don Cherry and the other men. I don't think it matters who the interviewer is as long as they can ask the questions properly. This is hockey, not Hollywood.

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    It doesn't matter, as long as they are professional and do their jobs.

    The problem with women in this discussion is that there is something of a glass ceiling for them, in that sideline reporting is about as far as they can go right now. Not fair. It would be nice to see some move into play-by-play and other areas.

    By the way, good to see Chris Simpson do some work on networks. She's been involved in hockey for some time, and not just because she's Craig's sister. Chris used to work for the Hall of Fame and knows her stuff.

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    Maybe not in the locker room. It would also be weird if a man were in a women's locker room. But if the woman knows the subject matter well, I think she would make great a reporter. Besides, women are usually hotter to look at (and I'm a straight woman). I think it's sexist to say women don't belong.

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    equivalent Rights! activities Illustrated reporter Melissa Ludtke had a run-in. whilst substantial League Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn prohibited Ludtke from interviewing gamers in the locker room in the process the 1977 worldwide sequence, SI writer Time Inc., filed a lawsuit. right here year, a U.S. federal choose governed that woman and male newshounds might desire to have equivalent get admission to to the locker room. by ability of the mid Nineteen Eighties, all 4 substantial professional activities leagues (NFL, NHL, NBA, substantial League Baseball) had accompanied rules in compliance with the U.S. courtroom ruling on equivalent get admission to, and woman activities newshounds had improve into greater favourite in the locker room. even however, quite a few of those women individuals found out that, jointly as they have been allowed into the locker room, they weren't welcomed there. "changing the guidelines would not inevitably regulate attitudes," Ludtke stated.

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    Makes no difference to me as long as the women are good interviewers and informative. I think Michelle Tafoya among others is as good a reporter as any that have come along. I'd rather listen to her than Eric Dickerson, Emmitt Smith and some of the other two-bit former jocks they pay to do that job.

    It should be based on qualifications, not on gender.

    Just my opinion.

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    That would depend on how much knowledge they have of the sport, and does the reporter actually like the sport they are commentating about. Now if the commentator is incompetent male or female they don't belong. Just my opinion.

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    i feel that too

    but i guess its okay for women to interview them if they were hockey players before

    but thats the same with any gender

    if they person played the sport then its okay

    if they didnt then its werid because the interview cant relate and doesnt know how the feel and stuff cause they dont play the game

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    I asked a similar question about a year ago. Cassie Campbell was interviewing the All-Star teams in their dressing rooms. I said it then and I'll say it again.....I was jealous! But she knows her stuff....she was Captain of Team Canada Women....

    Now, if they hired some blonde bimbo with her shirt unbuttoned low, showing cleavage and all that...then I would be against it.

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    I don't think that it matters. What matters is whether or not the reporter is knowledgeable about the game of hockey. If they are not, then they have no reason to do interviews.

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