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Lost Appetite?

I have a 3 year old orange tabby. He was recently treated by the vet for an illness of unknown origin. He seems to have largely recovered (body temp back to normal), but after a three week battle with this he's still eating only minimal ammounts. Also, while he doesn't appear to be in any pain, his energy level is down. Is it possible he has a hairball or is otherwise constipated? Has anyone had a similar experience with their cat?

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    it sounds like it's just taking him some time to et his energy back i wouldn't be concerned that much if he's eating as long as he's eating some he should be fine.

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    Try giving him the water from a can of human tuna packed in water.

    OR . . . organic (if possible) chicken broth that comes in a box, not a can. If there is a Trader Joe's in your neighborhood, or close by, you can get the organic broth in a box there, or maybe your local health food store.

    I would pamper him as much as possible. There is also a gel that comes in a tube for situations like this. It's called Nutrimalt or something like that. You can get it in the pet supply store. It has a lot of calories in it, and vitamins and minerals that the cat needs when it's not eating well. You squeeze out a ribbon onto your finger, and let the cat sniff it and then lick it off your finger. If he won't eat it, smear it on his front paw. That way he will have to lick it off.

    I am sorry your cat isn't feeling well. Good luck to you both.

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    Sorry to hear that your cat has been poorly.

    You could try boiling some chicken for him, but make sure of no bones.

    If this doesn't do the trick you could try pilchards in tomato sauce.

    If your cat was suffering from fur balls it is likely that he would be vomiting saliva with small amounts of fur in it. If you suspect this you can purchase a tube of cat malt from your local pet shop. I would check with your vet first though, as this can have a slight laxative affect and as you have not stated what the symptoms of his unknown illness were you don't want to make matters worse.

    You could try warming his food up for him to see if this increases his appetite.

    Good luck with your cat and I do hope he returns to his normal self soon.

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    if hes very skinny then feed him tuna cats cant resist tuna if he doesnt eat it then i would be a little concerned but as long as hes eating like the first person who answer sayed he should be okay .... if hes just like slim then hes fine your lucky my cats a pig lol :)

    hope your cats alright :)

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