I am looking for a decent hotel and restaurants in Oklahoma City, OK? Any suggestions.?

We are in town for a medical treatment and would like to leave the airport area and experience what this great city has to offer

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    There are tons of places to see! First of all I highly recommend checking out Bricktown! There are tons of wonderful restaurants there from fine dinning to the casual bar and grill. Also take a water taxi ride when you are down there, very relaxing and beautiful at night. You can go to this site for more info:


    Here are some other suggestions for things to see:

    Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World

    200 Bass Pro Drive, Oklahoma City, www.basspro.com, (405) 218-5200

    Attention all hunters, campers and fishing experts. Rocks from northeastern Oklahoma imprinted with the marks of deer hooves are among the rustic touches which make the Bass Pro Shops a must see attraction for Bricktown visitors. Over 104,000 square feet of outdoor equipment are within your reach under this facility's roof. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to explore and discover all the useful gear that will enhance those outdoor skills.

    Gaylord-Pickens Oklahoma Heritage Center

    1400 Classen Drive , Oklahoma City, (405) 235-4458, www.oklahomaheritage.com

    Housed in a 1927 historic landmark, the Oklahoma Heritage Center lets visitors experience Oklahoma's history through the lives and accomplishments of Oklahomans. Through innovative, interactive exhibitory, meet both famous and everyday Oklahomans who have shaped the history of our state, country and world.

    Governor's Mansion

    820 NE 23rd, Oklahoma City, (405) 521-9211, www.gov.ok.gov/mansion.php

    This stately mansion has been the official residence of Oklahoma's Chief Executive since 1928. Designed by the same architectural firm that was chosen to design the State Capitol Building, the Governor's mansion reflects the same Dutch Colonial style.

    National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

    1700 NE 63rd St., Oklahoma City, (405) 478-2250, www.nationalcowboymuseum.org

    The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum preserves the rugged individualism and romantic spirit of the frontier. This popular visitor attraction features a superlative collection of classic and contemporary Western art, including works by Charles Russell, Frederic Remington, and the famous 18-foot sculpture, The End of the Trail. There are three new historical galleries, the American Cowboy Gallery, the American Rodeo Gallery, and Prosperity Junction, a re-created authentic western town. Visitors of all ages can enjoy an adventure into the Old West at this national memorial to the American cowboy. There is an admission fee for people ages six and above. Open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

    Oklahoma City Museum of Art

    415 Couch Drive, Oklahoma City, (405) 236-3100, www.okcmoa.com

    The Oklahoma City Museum of Art offers a collection of over 3,000 exceptional works. The museum is a 110,000-square-foot facility featuring 15 exhibition galleries, an education center, a 250-seat theater, cafe, store and library/resource center. Programs include world-class traveling exhibitions, comprehensive film programs and a variety of family activities. The commissioned 55 ft. signature sculpture by world renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly serves as a beacon for the museum and downtown.

    Oklahoma City National Memorial and Memorial Museum

    620 N Harvey Ave., Oklahoma City, (405) 235-3313, 1-888-542-HOPE, www.oklahomacitynationalmemorial.org

    Built as a memorial to the tragic bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, you will stand in reverence in the grassy setting overshadowed by the towering bronze gates where the time of the explosion is permanently emblazoned. You can study the individual markers, created in memory of the victims as well as explore the segment of chain-link fence where you may leave a personal memento of your visit, as so many others have done. The Memorial Museum, inside a portion of the Journal-Record Building, provides a stunning reenactment of April 19, 1995, and honors all 168 Oklahomans who lost their lives.

    Oklahoma City Zoo

    2101 NE 50th, Oklahoma City, (405) 424-3344, www.okczoo.com

    Do you share a passion for animals? The Oklahoma City Zoological Park is acknowledged as one of the 10 best zoos in the United States and is the oldest in the Southwest. The zoos collection consists of almost 2,000 exotic animals exhibited on 110 landscaped acres. The Zoo features picnic grounds, rides, concessions, tours and classes. The Zoo Amphitheater offers a variety of entertainment under the stars. Admission ranges from $4-7 for ages two and above.

    Paseo District

    NW 30th and Dewey is the gateway to the Historic Paseo District, (405) 525- 2688, www.thepaseo.com

    Here, you'll find galleries, restaurants and studios in a portion of town that time forgot - but the arts remembered. The Paseo was built in 1929 as the first commercial shopping district north of downtown Oklahoma City. This little Spanish village with its stucco building and clay tile roofs is the home of Oklahoma City's artists' community. On this little tree lined street you will find painters, potters, photographers, writers and actors. Within the two blocks of the Paseo you can visit stained glass works, a pottery studio, watch a painter at work, see a performance of a children's theater group, have dinner and shop. This colorful village hosts an annual art festival every Memorial Day weekend.

    Water Taxi of Oklahoma

    On the Bricktown Canal, Oklahoma City, (405) 234-TAXI, www.watertaxi.com/Oklahoma/OKCHome.Asp

    Water Taxi runs a continual service like a bus. You can board a Water Taxi every 10-15 minutes in either direction. All Water Taxi Ambassadors narrate points of interest along the way. You may purchase a ticket from a kiosk, which is located in Bricktown between Chellino's and Oklahoma Avenue on the canal.

    I don't know what your budget is but here are some nice places to stay in all price ranges:

    AmeriSuites Belle Isle

    1511 NW Expressway, 73118

    405-840-5557, fax: 405-848-2654

    Best Western Saddleback Inn and Conference Center

    4300 SW 3rd, 73108

    405-947-7000, 800-228-3903, fax: 405-948-7636

    Bricktown-Hotel and Convention Center

    2001 E Reno Ave., 73117

    405-235-1647, fax: 405-605-4924

    Candlewood Suites

    4400 River Park Drive, 73108

    405-680-8770, 888226-3539, fax: 405-680-8779

    Colcord Hotel

    15 N. Robinson, 73102

    405-601-4300, 866-781-3800, fax: 405-208-4399

    Courtyard by Marriott Downtown/Bricktown

    2 West Reno Ave., 73102

    405-232-2290, 800-321-2211, fax: 405-232-2202

    Crowne Plaza Hotel Oklahoma City

    2945 NW Expwy, 73112

    405-848-4811, fax: 405-842-4328

    Embassy Suites Hotel

    1815 S. Meridian, 73108

    405-682-6000, 800-EMBASSY, fax: 405-682-9835

    Governor's Suites Hotel

    2308 S. Meridian, 73108

    405-682-5299, 888-819-7575, fax: 405-604-0833

    Here are some places that I enjoy eating at when I am there:

    Hickory Pit

    2816 N.W. 10th Street

    Oklahoma City, OK 73107

    Ymmy BBQ!!

    Nikz At The Top

    5900 Mosteller Drive

    Oklahoma City, OK 73112

    Phone: 405-843-7875

    Fax: 405-848-6992

    E-mail: nikz@sbcglobal.net

    Web site: http://www.nikzokc.com/

    This is a pretty fancy place but, it is a revolving resturant! They have wonderful food and great views of the city!!!!

    Hi-25 Drive In

    2520 S High

    Oklahoma City, OK 73129

    Phone: 405-677-7771

    Classic Diner food and well worth every bite!

    Rib Crib

    401 SW 74th

    Oklahoma City, OK 73139

    Phone: 405-616-7800

    Fax: 918-459-0699

    E-mail: ribcrib@ribcrib.com

    Web site: http://www.ribcrib.com/

    Wonderful BBQ I really like this place and they have the best sauce!

    The Coach House

    6437 Avondale Drive

    Oklahoma City, OK 73116

    Phone: 405-842-1000

    Fax: 405-843-9777

    Web site: http://www.tch-ok.com/

    Again another fancy place but the best European food around. This place is wonderful for a romantic dinner!

    Charleston's Restaurant

    2000 S Meridian

    Oklahoma City, OK 73108

    Phone: 405-681-6686

    Fax: 405-681-6605

    Web site: http://www.charlestons.com/

    Casual and they have everything from Steaks to seafood!

    Del Rancho

    3300 S Western Ave

    Oklahoma City, OK 73109

    Phone: 405-634-6082

    Good old Southern home-style cooking! Best chicken fried steak around!

    Hideaway Pizza

    2 Mickey Mantle Dr

    Oklahoma City, OK 73104

    Phone: 405-232-4776

    Fax: 405-232-1813

    Web site: http://www.hideawaypizza.com/

    OH MY GOSH! They have the best Pizza around, been here forever a big favorite with the locals!

    Crab town

    303 E Sheridan

    Oklahoma City, OK 73102

    Phone: 405-232-7227

    Fax: 405-232-7227

    E-mail: crabtown@sbcglobal.net

    Web site: http://www.funfresh.com/

    Best Seafood around and located in Bricktown!

    Haunted House Restaurant

    7101 N Miramar Blvd.

    Oklahoma City, OK 73111

    Phone: 405-478-1417

    Very fancy and romantic the food here is just wonderful!!!

    Kansas City Blues BBQ & Burgers

    36 W Memorial Suite B4

    Oklahoma City, OK

    Phone: 405-751-6557

    Fax: 405-751-6586

    Web site: http://www.ucbluesbbq.com/memorial

    KC Style BBQ AWESOME!!!

    Cattlemen's Steakhouse

    1309 S Agnew Ave

    Oklahoma City, OK 73108

    Phone: 405-947-1484

    Fax: 405-947-2191

    Web site: http://www.cattlemensrestaurant.com/

    Located at the Stockyards, you do not get better and fresher steaks anywhere! We love this place!!

    Coit's Root Beer Drive In

    5001 N Portland

    Oklahoma City, OK 73112

    Phone: 405-946-8778

    A Route 66 Favorite! At least go get a Root Beer Float. This place is classic and always fun to go to!

    Well I hope this helps you, I would check out this site for more information, it has everything attractions, places to stay and more!


    You can also ask them to send you a FREE visitor’s packet which comes with coupons, maps and info. Very helpful and you save money!

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    Renaissance Oklahoma City Convention Center Hotel is a great place to stay. Waters Edge Lounge is a great restaurant.

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    go to Molly Murphys to eat

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