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frogdog06 asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

Dog having vaccine reaction or normal side effect(s)??

We are going on vacation next weekend, and are putting our dog in daycare. She picked up clostridium one time there, and we decided to get her the giardia vaccine at a local clinic for preventative measures. I am a little worried now since she is exhibiting abnormal behavior.

She received the vaccine at 2pm yesterday. About three hours following the vaccine, she was acting normally (very active!) and playing. She then took a brief nap. At 7pm yesterday, she started becoming more lethargic and I noticed she was sensitive about the site of the injection. Her appetite was normal, but she is not really moving as much as she used to. I had to feed her with my hand (I know, she is spoiled). Drinking water normally, but we are bringing it to her. Also, she had a normal sleep with us in the bedroom.

It is now morning, about 18 hours later...she just seems lethargic. She still gets excited about treats, but we have to hand it to her.

Advice?? I have to work! & she goes in crate for 6 hrs. :(


She is also sporadically shivering. Her eyes look fine though, I mean when you look into them.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Report these side effects to your vet. Then, find a new vet. No self respecting vet who knows anything about the giardia vaccine would recommend it. Giardia is a parasite, not a virus or bacteria... What good is a vaccine against a parasite? Absolutely none... He just wanted your money.

    Here is a quote from a reputable vet:

    Giardia is the most common intestinal parasite of humans in North America. In some climates it has been shown that up to thirty percent or more of all dogs and cats are infected with giardia. (26) It has now been demonstrated that dogs and cats can transmit some species of giardia to humans , and vice versa. (26) Giardia can be sub-clinical or can cause severe diarrhea and cramping. It can lead to dehydration or even death in neonates or immune-compromised individuals. Medication is available (Panacur for 5 days, or metronidazole for ten days) which can eliminate this parasite from your pet and reduce the risk to your family. Bathing helps to prevent re-infection. We do not recommend the Giardia vaccine.

    Giardia Not recommended

    1. Efficacy of Vaccine unsubstantiated by independent studies.

    2. IgA mucosal antibodies? Immunity against a complex organism?

    3. Natural infection does not provide immunity.

    Good luck, and please make sure you read about the vaccinations on this site. You will find that most vets are not following the recommendations of their governing body. All dog vaccinations are good for 3 years (actually more than that, approx. 7 years, via a study done at a well respected university), but most vets want the profit of having you get yearly vaccinations. Please read and research vaccinations before getting them for your dog.

    Clostridium is a bacteria, which is usually present in your dog's system to begin with. The stress of being left by you while on vacation might be what caused the flare up. You giving your dog a vaccination against giardia made no sense... especially since these are different problems.

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  • Lady M
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    Call your vet and describe the issues, he should be able to tell you if it seems to be a problem or not and what additional symptoms to watch for and the time frame it should take for these to pass.

    Even a mild reaction needs to be reported to the vet and placed on the dogs medical record so everyone will be alert to possible future problems. Vaccine reactions are also supposed to be reported by the vet so they can watch for patterns, sometimes a vaccine is changed, or recalled based on these reports, sometimes by batch number sometimes the vaccine as a whole. I have not heard good things about this vaccine itself, it seems to have a high rate of reactions. In the future make sure you ask the vet if he does not tell you his self, what are the risks, how effective is the vaccine, what are normal reactions and reactions that indicate an immediate vet visit.

    Most vaccine reactions that will result in anaphylaxis (as one poster suggested) happen within an hour of the shot, usually within minutes, but NOT ALL. I once had a ferret who had a reaction (projectile throwing up, bloody stool etc.) 4 hours after the vaccine. With ferrets you always wait at least an hour after a shot at the vets office because of risk of reaction and their size reduces time you have to treat the emergency. He was treated for the reaction and was fine but I never vaccinated him again.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Is she an old dog? This sounds like more than a "normal" reaction to vaccines so I would call the vet and describe her symptoms. My dogs ranged from no reactions to mild lethargy for a day after their shots. Old dogs have a much harder time with vaccines.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Call the vet clinic that gave her the shot. You don't want her going into antifalactic shock! The best answer you can get would be from a licened vet. Since you paid your money to the clinic for the shot, they should be happy to answer any of your questions. I reccomend calling them ASAP! I hope your baby is ok. Good luck!

    Source(s): 8 yrs grooming/vet tech
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  • 1 decade ago

    I really do not understand why you do not call your vet or the clinic where the dog recieved the vaccine and ask them. A good vet councels customers on risks of vaccines prior to giving the shot.

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  • john n
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    1 decade ago

    she sounds like she might be having a reaction from the shot. you can try giving her a benadryl to see if she will come back to normal or the best thing is call your vet and explain her behavior.she should be better after a few hours so she might be allergic or is very sore from the shot. best of luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with the others about calling the vet. My vet is wonderful and (I know me) I would have the dog waiting at their door when they open. It may be nothing, but better safe than sorry. I wouldn't go the Benadryl or self-medicating until you speak to your vet.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There are all kinds of side effects to vaccines and while people will tell you not to worry and it's normal..... I would be very concerned. Please do some research on vaccines and understand that they are serious drugs/chemicals adn many dogs die from them. We do not give our dogs vaccines beyond puppy hood and I have done a ton of research. Please call your vet and try to get someone to check on her during the day.

    Also please educate yourself on the many adverse reactions to vaccines and make informed decisions in the future.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Pick up the phone to your vet, and be guided by him/her.

    Good luck, and well done for being an alert an conscientious owner


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