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Using Steam Room for weight, acne. Few questions about steam room?

For my acne, I heard I should drink a LOT of water, which I have been doing, but I guess I will just drink more. I work out every other day and take a shower right after, is it good if I go to the steam room right after working out once or twice a week?

I heard you should wait like 10 minutes after the steam room to go into the shower, why would that be? My steam room is also a shower so I just turn it on after like 30 seconds after turning off the steam.

Also I wouldn't mind losing weight through using the steam room, but you only lose weight from water... if I drink a lot of water would I not be losing weight?

Last thing, is standard for steam rooms 110 degrees fahrenheit? I stay for 10-15 minutes in my steam set for 110 degrees.

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    steam is about detoxing through the skin and water helps to keep flushing out your system and prevents the build up of toxins - both are good. steaming from a cool state is probably a bit better so that you body actively sweats when your heart rate is not up.

    Don't stop the water

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is really great for the skin to go to steam room after exercising couple of days/week but i think the best solution for the acne is the lotions or some type of medecine prescribed by your doctor, that will work the best.

    And if u drink the same amount or extra water than you lose from exercising or from steam then you will not lose weight as water from you body.Instead the body gets rid of extra water from your body by filtration throught the Kisneys. :)

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