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significant figures?

can someone please explain to me how to round 7528 to the 1st 2nd and 3rd significant figure in steps plleasse!

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    One significant figure means one non-zero digit followed by zeros. In this case, it means round to the nearest thousand. Since the hundreds digit is 5, you round up to 8000.

    Two significant figures means two non-zero digits followed by zeros. In this case, the tens digit is 2, you round down to 7500.

    Three significant figures means three non-zero digist followed by zeros. IN this case the ones digit is 8, so you round up to 7520.

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    first answer here is almost right, but i disagree with his rounding of figures.

    7528 to 1 sf= 8000

    7528 to 2 sf= 7500

    7528 to 3sf= 7530

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    7528 for 1 sig fig would 7x10^3 2 sig fig would be 7.5x10^3 and 3 sig fig would be7.52x10^3 i also put them in scientific notation

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