There was a movie made in the 80's about a womens prison. Eric Estrada starred in it. Can you tell me the name

The movie was about a girl put in the womens prison and she was sexually abused. She escaped and Estrads charractor helped her bust the prison.

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    I find that any movie you can't remember the name of, go to

    I think this is the page your looking for, but as I've never seen this film I can't help you more:

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    it relies upon on the womens reformatory. the only in my homestead state serves bananas, yet they're all mushed up and watered down. this way the females couldnt wrap products interior the banana and swallow them requiring them to depart the reformatory and circulate to the clinical institution. the completed bananas began too many riots!!! circulate determine..... they do no longer serve warm canines the two, even even with the shown fact that it is not because of the fact they resemble something. that's because of the fact there became a contaminated bunch years and years in the past, and because then, they stopped serving them. additionally they used to easily serve them with a slice of bread... no bun. For a on an analogous time as, cucumber sticks, carrot sticks and corn became banned too. they're now served as cut back up ones.... they have been getting used as weapons!!! however the reformatory has their very own backyard, and that they make the lads come down from the mens reformatory some cities over to tend to the gardens.... haha

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    Caged Fury. I think por.n0 star Ron Jeremy also co starred in this film : P

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    But boy, have you got the stars and sexes mixed up in your memory! How old are you??


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  • 1 decade ago

    the pirate movie

  • 1 decade ago

    caged fury?

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