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chemical properties of chlorine

chlorine reaction with aqueous halides

chlorine可以react with aqueous halideds ( eg. iodide , bromide )

eg. Cl2 + 2Br ----> 2Cl + Br2

Cl2 + 2I ------> 2Cl + I 2 ( I is iodide )

點解無一條式係react with fluorine , 佢都係 halideds

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    Your chemical equation is a bit wrong, it should be as follows:

    Cl2 + 2Br- ---> 2Cl- + Br2

    Cl2 + 2I- ---> 2Cl- + I2

    Cl2 in above chemical equations acts as an oxidizing agent, it oxidizes bromide and iodide ions, becoming bromine and iodine gas respectively.

    Cl2 cannot oxidize the fluoride ions, as it is not strong enough to oxidize it to fluorine gas.

    Instead, the chloride ions will react with the fluorine gas, the chlorine gas and fluoride ions will be produced.

    In additon, for your information, fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine are known ad halides (NOT halideds)

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    因為fluorine ge reactiviy 高過 Cl, I ,Br 囉


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