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why the pupil always appears to be black!?!?

People have different eye colours, such as brown, blue or green, but their pupils always appear to be black. Explain why the pupil always appears to be black.

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    你所講既eye colour 係 iris (虹膜) 既顏色

    而點解pupil (瞳孔) 無顏色呢?

    因為 pupil 唔係d 咩tissue, 而係一係孔.....

    pupil 既function 係俾光線進入眼睛入面

    再照射到視網膜(retina) 讓影像刺激retina 上的light sensitive cells

    所以pupil的黑色其實係retina 既顏色


    就係要減低光線在眼球內的反射, 令影像不會做成偏差.

    Pupil has no colour because it is actually a hole but not particular tissue. Function of pupil is to let light pass through and enter intot the eye ball, and then allow the image form on the retina and thus the simulation of light sensitive cells. Therefore, the black colour of pupil and actually the colour of retina. Retina in black minimize the light reflection in the eyeball and thus not making image distort.

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