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誰能幫我翻譯~~英文推薦函~~急急急~~ 贈20點

身為 xxx的班導,我很高興替xxx寫推薦函,依我從她高中入學到現在的2年來對她的認識與觀察,她是一位勤奮上進的好學生,對英文深具熱忱,不論我指派什麼功課或是任務她都能輕鬆的解決,上課專心聽講、下課虛心求教,不以課內知識為滿足,常常收聽英語廣播節目、閱讀英文雜誌課前預習,不論是在學業或課堂上的表現,我都十分贊同。而她也曾經擔任過我的英文小老師,替我分擔無不少事物,很了解自己的職務、很有責任感,是我不可或缺的好幫手,




可以在幫我加一些東西~~ 謝謝謝

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  • 1 decade ago
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  • 1 decade ago

    The class which is Joe leads, I am very happy for Joe write recommendation letter, depend on me from her senior high school enter school

    current of 2 years to her understanding and the observation, she is a diligence go forward of good student, have enthusiasm deeply to

    English,in spite of I point parties what homework or mission she can solve easily, having a class to attend lecture, class dismiss with

    concentration the open mind beg to teach, don't take knowledge inside the lesson as to satisfy, usually listenning to English broadcast

    program and reading English magazine before the lesson dry run, in spite of is the performance in studies or the classroom, I approve of

    very much.And she once held the post of my English teacher's assistant as well, sharing all few thing for me, understanding an own duty

    very much and having responsibility very much, is my necessary good assistant.

    She is also warmhearted to help the classmate of class, the classmates don't understand of English problem or difficulties all will look for her help, she always does the best to help classmate.In the process of learning, meeting the difficulty can find teacher to teach actively,

    condescension's attending school an attitude hard is the good colleague that everyone likes to get along with, pursuing the attitude of

    excelsior, deserving a classmate learning.Also promoted a class to learn the custom of English.

    Attend the game concerning English actively in the in the interval of school, once got a third party in the English composition game of

    school, and also represented to learn to attend many counties to sign English game now, she is active, actively of learn an attitude, and

    persistence perseverance, just make her have the result of bright eye on the realm of English.

    Very happy she has chance to apply for this time scholarship with Be used for learning, be a tutor according to the above ideal of I,

    sincerely this careful recommendation.

    學生的名字我設為:喬  祝你推薦函順利交出! ︿︿

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