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The relics of the ancient civilizations-Sumer, Babylonia, Egypt-bear witness to a flourishing musical art; however, only a few fragments have descended to us of the music of antiquity.

The centuries have forever silenced the sounds that echoed through the Athenian amphitheater and the Roman circus.

Those sounds and the attitudes they reflected, in Greece and throughout the Mediterranean world, formed the subsoil out of which flowered the music of later ages.

They became part of the heritage the West.

The Middle Ades extended over the thousand-taer period between the fail of Rome, commonly set at A.D.476,and theflowerinf of the culture of the modern world.

The first half of this millennium, from around 500 to 1000 and often referred to as the Dark Ages, should not be viewed as a period of decline, but rather of ascent, during wich Christianity triumphed over paganism throughout Europe.

In tjis society all power flowed from the king, with the benign approval of the church and its bishops.

The two centers of power,Church and state, were bound to clash, and the struggle between them shaped the next chapter of European history.

The concept of a strong centralized government as the ultimate dispenser of law and order found its embodiment in Charlemagne(742-814), the legendary emperor of the Franks in whose domains Roman, Frankish, and Teutonic elements intermingled.

This progressive monarch, who regrtted until his dying day that he did not know how to write, encouraged education and left behind him an ideal of social justice that illumined t`darkness'of the early Medieval world.

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    古老文明Sumer,東風螺屬的遺物,埃及負擔證人到茂盛的音樂藝術; 然而,仅幾個片段下降了對我們上古音樂。 世紀永遠沉默了通過亞典人圓形劇場和羅馬馬戲隨聲附和的聲音。 那些聲音和他們反射的態度,在希臘和在地中海世界中,形成底土在外面開花最新年齡音樂。 他們成為了一部分的遺產西方。 二中間Ades被延伸經過thousand-taer期間在羅馬之間無法,共同地設置了在現代世界的文化的A.D.476和theflowerinf。 不應該觀看前半這個千年,從大約500到1000年和經常指黑暗時期,作為下降期間,而是寧可的上升,在期間基督教勝利在異端遍及歐洲。 在tjis社會所有力量從國王流動了,有教會和它的主教的良性認同。 力量、教會和國家的二個中心,一定到碰撞,并且奮鬥在他們之間塑造了歐洲歷史下個章節。 一個強的集中化政府的概念作為治安最後分配器在Charlemagne (742-814)發現了它的具體化,領域羅馬,法蘭克人和條頓人元素混合直率的傳奇皇帝在。 這個進步國君, regrtted直到他垂危的天他不會寫,鼓勵了教育并且忘記了他社會正義理想那被照亮的t `darkness'of早期的中世紀世界。

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