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Pool/Snooker/Billiards question? Are You Educated??

see...I was out on the town shopping for a customized cue case..I've seen a brochure of a store/pool hall called the SharkShooter Billiards/Pool Hall selling/making them, but when I walked in, I saw nothing but fishing lures, fishing rods, fishing items, rifles, magazines, demo deer, Yahoo pool disks, Yahoo pool help handbooks, swimming pool cleaners, hoses & the such..I asked the clerk if he knew where I could find the cue case dealer, since I got directions for his store, & seen the brochure..He told me that he does indeed sell nothing but billiards supplies...the only reason why he had all this other crap in his store is due to the mere fact that he got tired of all the ppl who don't know how to read & didn't have proper education always coming into his store, with him having nothing to do about it...so he may as well kill 2 birds with one stone....haha....talk about the confusion i had on my face when i approached the store....damn...i wonder...should I get a job there & chase out all the ppl & put the proper stuff on display? Or should I just go along and take it up the tail pipe as did the owner?..........waddya think Johnny???

Dre O

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    Like I said it fits a lot of the Q&As we get in this catagory glad you shared it LMAO earlier

    But careful with the tail pipe you could mess up your emissions

    Good one Dre

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    I think it's a great idea, if you remember there was a Question, and I made the comment, I wonder how many people go in to a pool hall, and actually ask for pool cleaning products, or pumps, and I never thought, they did it to that extent!.. give the guy credit though!, I wonder one thing,

    Do you think he works that section if he's a shooter, or does he have his wife work it most of the time.

    Can you imagine the wise cracks from pool players!

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