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Dogs...cars..and roads..?

It's sad but I often see dead dogs on the side of the road..when they get hit, and people dont bring them to the side, how do they get there?

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    There's a few ways...they crawl, injured, to the side of the road. They are thrown to the side when hit. Finally, (and I learned this when I lived in Texas...) there are people (a division of parks/wildlife) who actually come with a long pole and a hook on the end and drag the carcass to the side of the road. :(

  • Anonymous
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    That is a different question. The sad fact of a dog getting hit is true but the worse fact is that the dog is probably still alive after he/she is hit. It would be the natural instinct of surviving to get off the road.

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    are you serious? When they get hit, the impact could cause them to go to the side. Someone could have moved them without you knowing, but normally when something gets hit at speeds over 20 mph, they don't stay in the same spot.

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    thats sad

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