Armpit Odor-I need a solution!!! Please Help!?

I have awful armpit odor but I have almost no persperation. I have tried everything to "cure" it but nothing works. I have tried Botox, didn't work. I have tried Drysol from the Dermatologist, didn't work. I have tried the kinds of deodorant you put on at night before bed,didn't work. I have tried all kinds of shelf deodorants to include mens deodorant. Mitchum, Secret Clinical Strength, Right Guard, Degree, Secret, Spray ons, etc., I even tried Teen Spirit! I have also tried the natural deodorants such as Tom's and the crystal thing, but neither work. I do not eat a crazy diet, its actually pretty healthy, no onions, no garlic. I drink water. I exercise. I shower daily (up to 3 times a day) and use an anti-bacterial deoderant soap recommended by a dermatologist but nothing seems to work.I have even tried antibacterial gel when I smell odor because I know the odor is from bacteria. I shower and get ready and do absolutely nothing and give it 20 minutes and I begin to smell. Help!

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    1] shave pits weekly [ prob. already do, just had to say it ]

    2] wash with shower gel, not so much! bad for skin!

    3] wait until pits are COMPLETELY dry, then apply deodorant.- try MAXIM, or similar product at CVS

    4] Apply again in AM/PM

    5] fresh bra, shirt every day

    6] carry some cornstarch baby powder, and baby wet ones -

    swipe pits halfway thru day, or after PE, and then use powder

    7] drink 1/2 gallon of water a day

    8] avoid fried., fast, and junk food - even diet junk food

    9] take a good quality multivitamin with minerals

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    A deodorant will only attempt to mask the odor. Get an antiperspirant/deodorant. This is a 2-in-1 product. The antiperspirant is an astringent and will constrict the tissue thereby elimination whatever sweat there may be and the deodorant will mask the odor. You should be able to purchase this at the same place you get your deodorant.

    I hope this helps.

  • Try natural forms of deodorant, available In health food stores. The best ones contain green tea extracts, or splash rubbing alcohol under your arms, it's an antibacterial agent.

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    I placed on an excellent kind of polyester and different guy made shirts and that i discover that guy made supplies catch the scent. i will take a tub and placed on deodorant so i be attentive to my pits are clean, yet as quickly as I placed on one among my polyester shirts, it only immediately prompts the scent trapped in it, whether the shirt is freshly washed. sometimes, i'm going to take my polyester shirts and soak them in a bucket crammed with vinegar and water till now I wash them--this seems to help quickly in reducing the trapped scent. a pal additionally reported rubbing lemon juice on the shirt's pits to help wreck down the scent till now washing them. With my cotton shirts, i don't have a situation with armpit scent getting trapped in them. in terms of deodorants, I definitely have discovered that if I placed on scented deodorants, the heady scent of the deodorant has a bent to combination with my organic scent and bring a scent that's a lot worse than my organic BO (physique scent). as a consequence, I definitely have caught with unscented deodorants. For the previous 15 years, I definitely have in particular been utilizing between the "crystal" deodorants created from mineral salt. This has worked properly for me because of the fact it has no physique spray heady scent by any ability. even nevertheless, it has countless scent-blocking off effectiveness, from completely blocking off armpit scent to having the effect of muting my organic scent (i do no longer strategies having somewhat scent each and every as quickly as in awhile). additionally, crystal deodorants do no longer continuously final all day or by way of heavy perspiration. a pal of mine additionally reported degree deodorant for women individuals who're extremely sweaty and stinky. additionally, I definitely have discovered that no count number what deodorant i exploit, if i exploit them for an prolonged adequate volume of time, they on occasion supply up working effectively. if so, I swap to a distinctive deodorant for a jointly as, and as quickly as I swap back to my unique deodorant, it works advantageous lower back. Your armpit scent can variety looking on your rigidity point, actual pastime, etc. eating regimen may additionally effect your physique scent. as an occasion, eating an excellent kind of garlic could make you stinky. additionally, some human beings could have a bacterial situation--so try utilizing antibacterial cleansing soap.

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    have you ever tryed secret platinum in clear gel, unscented?

  • put baby powder on your armpits, then put some deoderant on just to rid the smell. take a shower after that. it happens to me sometimes, so that's wut i do

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    surgically remove your arms.

    hey it worked for me....

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