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what can cause a man to be extremely tired after ejaculation?

My husband is 40 years old, we have sex about once a month- He is extremely exhausted after ejaculation- even if little other physical exertion is used. I would prefer sexual relations, but he is so tired after relations that I don't bring it up often (no pun intended) I love my husband very much, but our sexual life is not what I would like it to be and I am worried about him also. I don't think all men, age 40, have this problem, but I don't have experience with other men and don't know who else to ask about this somewhat delicate situation. Any advice for me/us? Any other men have this problem? And yes, it is a problem for me also.

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    It is normal for a man to be slightly tired after sex; however,

    chronic extreme fatigue doesn't seem common to me at

    age 40! Despite Scotty's comment above, he isn't that old.

    I am well over 50 and I still like it every day! How active is

    your husband otherwise? Does he need to get off the couch

    and go do something sometimes? I know I enjoy keeping

    very active and a great many men younger than me do not.

    If all else fails, a checkup by a doctor may also be a good

    idea; it might uncover something that can be fixed.

    Hope this helps.

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    The majority of men feel somewhat tired/fatigue after ejaculation because of the mental impact. Prior to ejaculation, there is a great deal of energy that collects in the body, and at the moment of climax, it's released, which, while causing pleasure in men, also causes tiredness because of the internal effort used to make, and maintain the energy. If the fatigue is so bad that he practically falls immediately to sleep afterwards, then you should have him see a urologist, as it could be a sigh of a chemical/ neurotransmitter imbalance

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    This explanation is based on an assumption that your husband does not have a medical problem.

    Simply explained, sexual activity causes the brain to release large amounts of "feel good" neurotransmitters such as dopamine. There is a large rush of these neurotransmitters just before and during orgasm; as the body then "reuptakes" or elimiates the neurotransmitters after orgasm, a feeling of exhaustion or sadness may occur. Blood pressure and heart rate also may drop dramatically.

    This is called "sad after sex", or as one philosopher once put it, "Post Coitum Omne Animal Triste Est."

    You and your husband can, of course, consult a physician about this problem. You and your husband can also discuss ways your husband can please you prior to his ejaculation, since he loses interest dramatically after ejaculation. The purpose of sex, in this committed relationship, is not necessarily orgasm; it is intimacy, closeness, and trust as well as shared pleasure. The most erotic body part is the brain. Perhaps you and your husband can use your brains to make your sexual activity more varied and more interesting to both of you.

    Source(s): I am in healthcare education. I volunteer at a womens health center also.
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    It's quite normal for men (and women) to be exhausted after orgasm or ejaculation!!!..In fact it would be somewhat abnormal if they weren't! The blood rush from the head to the lower regions in the male during ejaculation creates some pretty dramatic happenings in the body that take a while to settle down!

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    It is very natural, but see a urologist for some suggestions.

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    I would wonder if he normally gets exercise, but you could just do it right before you go to sleep anyway, it would work out well.

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    hes older hes doesnt have enough stamina as he used to you have to make it shorter to make sure he has energy before you "finish"

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