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advice, comments about our FHA loan?

make a long story short. My wife and paid off all of our debts. we went to a mortgage company to get a loan, the lady took our info and called us the next day saying how much we were approved for and to start looking. after 1 month and a half or we found a house we liked and we called to see if we could make an offer and she told to we could. now the real estate agent is pushing us to go with someone else cuz hes not getting the answers he needs from her. We have until the 19th to get an approval letter sent over there. I called the mortgage lender and they told me that they've had people in worst situations than my wife and I and that they didn't forsee a problem getting us the loan, but the real estate agent still keeps pushing the issue about my wife and I to go sit with him and go through them. Will I get the loan? do I hurry and Monday start looking at other lenders? and what's the deal with the AGENt? any advice, comments would be greatly appreciated.Today is sunday.

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    Some Agents receive 'illegal kickbacks' from lenders if they bring new business to them. THIS IS ILLEGAL....

    Most realtors dont get involved with financing if you already have a lender. THEY dont like to pressure their customers because they can be liable if they send you to a bad lender.

    FHA loans arent that hard IF the mortgage broker is EXPERIENCED with them.

    If you're approved with your lender then stay there. You MAY shop around, but do not go to the realtor's lender. Most inhouse lenders will charge a higher rate for mortgages, and for title closings! Make sure to shop around for an attorney/title company. You can save a few hundred bucks!

    Stay away from 'inhouse ppl' they always like to take advantage of ppl.

    Your realtor has ulterior motives, and shouldnt be sticking his/her nose in the financing. BUYER BEWARE!

    be stern with the realtor...and tell them that you're not interested in the realtor's referrals. You will see what i mean when you shop around for title insurance/title closings.

    Also, most lenders can give you a 'pre approval' letter within 1 day. If you have already given your w-2's, taxes, bank statements, paystubs, then it should only be 1-2days.

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    FHA does take some time - there's a lot of extra bits that need to be verified and underwritten manually in some cases. Sounds like there may be a lack of communication from your lender - you should be kept in the loop! I'm wondering why your lender chose FHA with a 705 score and low debt-to-income. There are other 0 down payment options that have less cost, no origination fees and minimal PMI. There may be something else I'm not aware of though. Did your lender offer you a variety of options? I've included some links that might help you. Check them out and let me know directly if you have questions.

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    There is a LOT of paperwork involved with FHA. More than you can imagine. My cousin is getting one right now and it is

    always 'just one more thing'. It has taken several months for the whole process. Tell your real estate agent, that FHA is a

    governmental loan and it has lots, and lots of red tape. Real estate is always changing, if this is the house you have to have; see what other options are available. Once that is done

    compare the loans and see which one is best for YOU.

    Do you have your OWN real estate agent that has your interests at heart or is this just the real estate agent that has the property listed? If he is the listing agent, he wants to get his commission as soon as possible. That's the way it works.

    It's always a detailed process that takes time.

    Get all the information you can so you can make a good choice.

    Success to you!

    Source(s): Homeowner, prior work history with realtors
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    Although I see holes in the information, I'll tell you what I THINK is going on.

    I suspect your agent has had problems with this lender or their company in the past. For instance, you still don't have a pre-approval letter, and the drop dead date is coming up.

    But, your Realtor should be giving you a field of other lenders to look at, not just one or two.

    IMHO, you need to find a lender that is going to work with your Realtor, or a Realtor that will work with your lender. The two aren't gelling together and your transaction could suffer if you don't change the situation or tell them they work together effectively or else they lose your business.

    Source(s): Oregon Realtor
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    Dont let the real estate agent push you around. FHA loans are a fairly good deal for a lot of people. You do neet a preappoval letter though probably, and if your lender isnt coming through, go ahead and find someone else. Ask friends who they used and if they would reccomend them to you. Alot of bigger banks are able to give FHA loans, so try Bank of America, or Wells Fargo.

    Source(s): Also looking at houses and such
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    Young Man, demand a written approval letter, if they have a problem, call your local F.H.A. office. A F.H.A. loan is the way to go right now ! Don't let anyone convince you differently, if your L.O. is not an expert in F.H.A., get another lender a.s.a.p. !!! Do not let R/E people pressure you, this is a buyers market, and you must take control as to your offer, and not be bullied by anyone! Your L.O. should of had a actual APPROVAL LETTER weeks ago, which leads me to believe she had problems, or the U/W address situations in which she did not tell you , in any case, give them till noon on Monday. if your appraisal is completed it can be assigned to a new lender, and be U/W in 48 hrs. if you run out of time, ask for an extention, then fire your R/E , fire your L.O. and go on from there! Hope this helps, Good Luck!

    Source(s): Retired Mortgage Auditor
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    I don't understand the issue. Are you approved or not? She is saying she THINKS there won't be a problem. Well, is there or not?

    If you are ready to buy, y.ou need a letter of approval.

    The agent needs to stay out of who you use as a finance source, but if you trust him, I would listen to him. He has bought and sold many more houses than you and he knows which lendors are good and bad. Ask him (and your lendor) to stop beating around the bush and tell you in plain English what's up. If the agent thinks you will lose the house without changing lendors, then he needs to say so. If the lendor has approved you, then they need to put it in writing.

    I've never been involved in a home buying situation where there were so many vague issues. Things are pretty black and white normally.

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    you should've had the approval letter a long time ago.

    lenders can't release any private information about their borrowers to realtors.





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    It could very well be that what was possible back 6 weeks ago is no long possible now. Marginal credit may have made it 6 weeks ago but today it will NOT and you may be caught up in that issue.

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    Hmm Fha should be the way to go, try wells fargo they are friendly. As for them forcing you to go use their financing bank, be careful.

    Dont sign anything until a lawyer looks over it.

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